Regulation Bill approved in ministerial committee
Moran Azulay
Published: 13.11.16, 20:44
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1. Bennett has a point!
Reuven ,   Zichron   (11.13.16)
"You all had a year to deal with this and nothing happened"

Well Netanyahu was busy with serious matters as Communications Minister (sic)
2. looks like a coup to me! what do you think?
3. this is who is supposed to fight hamas and iran
george   (11.13.16)
netanyahu has no ability period to fight hamaas and iran. he is all talk. he compromises ad nauseum and has no position on anything. but for his father's warnings to him not to sell out the state, he is a carbon copy of herzog-= a weak vacillating jew who flinches at the first sign of trouble.

no surprise that the gaza cmpaign was anemic on two occasions. iranians are right to laugh into the night with bibi's threats/
4. People have started ruling instead of some elite.
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv / israel   (11.14.16)
This is now real democracy.
5. calm down
David   (11.14.16)
Bennett should take a deep breath, and realize that the government must tread carefully for at least the remaining two months, during which time it still faces potential actions from Obama at the UN Security Council, which could threaten the homes of hundreds of thousands of people, rather than a few dozen. Rather than seeking to provoke a crisis, he should allow the prime minister to continue his sober and quiet attempts to find a workable solution for this particular issue-- with the recognition that he has masterfully managed to protect Israel, and refuse any territorial withdrawals, amidst the greatest international diplomatic pressure in decades. The last thing Israel needs at this moment is instability or a change of government. This is the time for reason, responsibility, and unity.
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