Trump’s failed business affair with Israel
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 16.11.16, 23:48
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1. To Tamas Fulop
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (11.21.16)
Tamas, Hitler the Fasist killed millions of people which most likely includes some of your relatives. How many people Trump killed? None. So, please be careful when calling people something they are not.
2. ugly tower
guest ,   anytown, usa   (11.23.16)
the planned trump tower was hideous. it looks like chain link fencing topped with a cheese grater. so happy that it wasn't built...anywhere.
3. If I had to accuse Donald of anything, I'd say: POOR taste!
4. Ivanka.
Joel ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.18.16)
The best part to see in the article was the photo of Ivanka.
I don`t know what she is like as a person.
But she is certainly very beautiful woman.
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