Report: PM's lawyer contacted MoD legal advisor on German submarines deal
Yedioth reporters
Published: 23.11.16, 11:59
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1. David Shimron
Zvi ,   Toronto   (11.23.16)
Viva the Old Boys club Mafia....... Big time Zionist when it is for their bank account
2. shimron is full of it, bibi is an ignoramus
mark   (11.23.16)
bibi as usual stands aoroud whether gaza war or in this matter and has a blank face. shimron should ony represent 1 side and tell bibi eveyrthing. apparently he did not volunteer so he should be snctioinned if the reports are accurate.just like made a deal with the rotten lying erdogan, he has no rea idea of how the world works and what toughness is. he is like herzog and lapid-weak marshmellows. iran might be right about the israeli army. how the idf took bibi in as a soldier is beyond me.
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