Lessons learned from 2010 Carmel fire help save lives in 2016
Meir Turgeman, Roi Yanovsky
Published: 23.11.16, 12:38
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1. Lessons learned, but...
John ,   Haifa   (11.23.16)
...there is room for more. The center question: Why didn't we have fire fighting aiplanes with higher capacity of water, picked up over the sea...? This would've helped to put the fire down earlier in such huge blazes close to settlements at the costal plain.
2. get better equipment
Ron ,   Haifa   (11.23.16)
Contact Canada and request its expertise and buy its equipment manufactured in Canada .... built (same company in Hungary that supplies trains to Israel) and used throughout the world. It is the good stuff that will get the job done.
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