'Israel is burning': Palestinians, Arab world rejoice over fires
Roi Kais, Elior Levy
Published: 24.11.16, 15:18
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1. Why be surprised at the Palestinian reaction?
James   (11.24.16)
They were invades by european-colonists, their land stolen, systematical "neutralized" by their oppressors, displaced. No surprise israel is despised by most of world.
2. Local Jerusalem Arabs rejoice with Fireworks
RealityCheck4Haifa ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.24.16)
7:08 PM local Tzur Bahir Arabs in southern Jerusalem next to
Armon Hanziv Jewish neighborhood that has suffered dozens of
terrorist attacks are celebrating with shouts of joy and fireworks
outside the central mosque
The Israeli media continues to play down the source of the
arson Haifa the most leftist city in Israel with its wealthy Elite is getting
a reality check
3. become more opened eyed
sattar ,   durban   (11.24.16)
most of the people commenting are feeling hurt for israel but when israel hurt the palestinians, most people were quiet.

when the israelites were rejoicing over gaza bombing, everyone was shut. besides arabs have always been stereotyped against. when we MUSLIMS are labelled as terrorists even though 90% of the muslim community are not terrorist, we are expected to keep quiet while everyone laughs at us. when our religious clothing is banned, everyone laughs at us (form of oppression), we have to keep quiet. when our holy scriptures are burned, we must keep quiet. so israel deserves the laugh against their forest which will grow again.
4. Partners for peace?
Koose E Mack ,   NY   (11.24.16)
I don't think so!
5. Muslims
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.24.16)
The true religion of Muslims is not Islam,but hatred,the muslims practice the religion of hate,7.24. they kill their wives,their daughters,their sisters,each other,shiia suni,suni shia,the muslims are being destroyed by their own hatred,and will destroy as all, now they are trying to destroy Europe and north America with their crazy shariah laws,a mad muslim is fighting to become the leader of the democratic-communist party of the US, a communist senator named chuck shummer is helping him,no future for Western civilization,we are doomed,sorry for the bad news,but this is reality,humanity,wake up,the barbarians are at the gate !!!.
6. Love thy neighbour
alex laverick ,   Lions Bay   (11.24.16)
As long as the rhetroric remains negative towards each other there will never be peacful co existence. Wishing that people are barbecued isn't a healthy attitude.
The thing that will help here is the increasing temperatures in the region as a result of global warming. Lots of people across the region will die and religion will have no role in it.
7. Arabs openly admitting their hatred of Jews, of Israel
C   (11.24.16)
they are slaughtering each other while rejoicing in the terror arson
their brethren are perpetrating in the jewish state.
they hate everyone, even themselves.
8. who supports the Arab Palestinians
C   (11.24.16)
the entire obama regime, their marxist anarchist supporters, their islamist
supporters, the eu, the un, france, liberal jewish elites.
9. Can't you just feel the love...?
sifter   (11.27.16)
This is ISLAM. Your house is burning and Muslims want to add gasoline. THIS is Islam.
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