Netanyahu vows to punish arsonists in Israel
Published: 24.11.16, 18:28
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1. Local Jerusalem Arabs rejoicing with FIreworks 7:08PM
Haifa'sRealityCheck ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.16)
Local Arabs in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Tzur Bahir Jabal Mukaber
are rejoicing with Fireworks outside the mosque in Tzur Bahir overlooking
the troubled neighborhood of Armon Hanaziv No doubt they are
watching Channel 2 which continues to play down the source of the
arson. They even brought in the Imam of a Haifa sect the Ahmadiah Moslems considered a heretical sect by most Moslems as an example of coexistence when in fact his own neighborhood has been target tonight as well in Haifa. Haifa the most Leftist city in Israel more than Tel Aviv
is getting a reality check.
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