Fires ravaging Israel continue
Ynet reporters
Published: 25.11.16, 13:13
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1. Great human solidarity from Greece, Italy, Turkey
Lou ,   Bucharest   (11.25.16)
one must prevent, the Arab Muslim herds seem mad (seeing the destruction in their countries, they choke to death with envy and they don't like living in a safe country they'd rather be "independent" and all dead). I want to see Arab Muslim society condemn TERRORISM in Europe, in Israel, everywhere. That's the human attitude.
2. May the arsonists burn in Gehenom Eternally!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (11.25.16)
3. One big difference between Jews and Muslims
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.25.16)
is Jews rush to the aid of their enemies while Muslims seem to enjoy Jews in pain.
Islam isn't compassionate it's deadly.
4. lapid and livni
jim   (11.25.16)
lapd and livni say that givinig up most of the west bank, east jerusalem, wll bring peace and tranquility to the region.
5. objective analysis
arieh   (11.25.16)
any objective analysis shows that the AG, and the supreme court in bending over to protect the rights of all have enabled terror getting scores of israelis dead.The enemies laugh at israel and use its court system to destroy the state. and the judges go off on fancy lunches and fat salaries while Israelis get hacked to death. Their punishments except for a few cases are a bloody joke.

watch as they release arsonists with a slap on their back.They like the haredi invite attacks on the state instead of acting like a jackboot against terror.

Removal of citizenship should be automatic and fast.
6. I agree with Jeannette Milgram
Ypip ,   Red Temple White Mtn   (11.25.16)
They're pathetic little hatepackets. Nazis.
7. on his worst day, bibi is better than herzog and lapid
jerzy   (11.26.16)
jpost continues its hopeless attacks on bibi comparing him to olmert hoping to sink him in the sub affair. bibi is a lot of things but he is not a crook. olmert was 100% crook according to the judgements. and the press yet loved him showing how corrupt the press is.

with the fires raging,can you imagine herzog and lapid leading. I cannot. one is so weak as to be embarassing, the other is such and ignoramus, he gives livni a run for her money. indeed, both of them would be offering concessions to abbas right now so the arabs can burn down the rest of israel. it shows he dangerrs of coddling infants and that is what herzog , lapid, livni and olmert share in common.
8. Nr.2:Gehenna
Cozbi   (11.26.16)
Does not the term Gehenna come from the valley of Hinnom were Israelites and non Israelites sacrifices their children to Moloch?
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