High Court as Israel’s morality police
Daniel Friedmann
Published: 30.11.16, 22:53
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1. The tyranny of the Israeli Supreme Court has no bounds
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.16)
Knesset has to create a law revising Court's jurisdiction
2. We need some morality
Avi L.   (12.01.16)
We need some morality to counter those moral midgets who run the country for their own private and political benefit, which ends in personal benefit.

We cannot let the Deris, Katzavs, Olmerts and others with the same lack of morality do whatever they please, lie, rape, steal in the name of the power they hold. Nor other inciting against women, justifying rape or call to eliminate "deviants" as if being islamist preachers.

We need some morality and there doesn't seem to be any other public center of it excepted the High Court.

It's sad, but we need some rampart against these little tyrants and ogres.
3. Trump should be "reached"
Avi L.   (12.01.16)
Trump should be "reached" too for keeping control of his business through his daughter, for not showing his IRS sheet and for other shady matters.

The US and the Free World are the losers, Putin and other ogres are the winners
4. Well written article about well known fact.
5. Sad attempt to whitewash the court
Daniel ,   TA-Il   (12.01.16)
it has ean enourmess lack of understanding for the rule of law and trias politica... the basis for teh rule of law. Hey aharaon barak even bragged that he was a social engineer, trying to shape israeli societ. That is not a court of law, butthe court of an elitist dictaor. This shows isrespect for the law and the people of israel. But then is their one country were socialsim worked or did not result in eveil dictatures?
Also the writer creates a mishmash of facts and in such way lies and cheat all what is great about law!
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