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Stone tablet naming ancient governor of Judea found in Tel Dor
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 01.12.16, 23:42
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1. No mention of "Palestine"?
tiki ,   belgium   (12.02.16)
How can that be?

The UN General Assembly with Israel's European "friends" + the UNESCO liars won't like that.

The truth of Jewish history is being dug up, something the Arabs liars & their EU protectors try to prevent at all price.
2. Edom in jewish Talmud tradition
Husham   (12.02.16)
I have read in more than one source that it is a common Rabbinical explanation that Rome can be identified with Edom.That is completely nonsense.You called Yemen Teman in Hebrew,and even that is simply a fluke and don't mean that the Yemenites Edomites.You Jews better explain whre the children of Abraham who he begot with Keturah are today?It is even not sure that the halakhic jews of today are really descendants of the ancient Israelites.And besides, in the Torah there are written such strange laws (for example about slavery) that I doubt that is was inspired by the ONE who supposed create all mankind.And the Talmud is even worse.It is such boring to read the Talmud,Rabbi so and so said this and Rabbi so and so said that.
3. the meaning of words in other languages
erin ,   dallas   (12.02.16)
different from that of the Hebrew. Seeing the Roman, Greek letters on the remainder of the stone statue is just another reminder that in many languages, (specifically speaking of the English, which I am writing in) words don't really have any meaning. Words may 'denote' certain items or subjects, but they may not have any real meaning. In the Hebrew language we have words that mean a lot, each by itself, or together in a saying/ statement.

That is an incredible matter to have given to us as people who read, and write, or speak in Hebrew. To speak of the powers of the House of Judah without speaking of the House of Israel, is an offense. Because it is the House of Israel who God called His kingdom- after He ripped it out of the hands of Solomon's children. And it is the House of Israel that hears when someone needs something- that same 'something' that in a word that means just 'guard', or 'continually' to anyone in nearly any language but in Hebrew the listener hears that the person saying "guard me please", or "this person is continually abusing me",means they really, really need help. Listeners in the Hebrew know the person expressing the need really needs a lot of powerful, freeing, life-saving, meaningful, possibly comprehensive, 'earth- moving' help. This is the House of Israel, to me.

The House of Judah? I have not seen them help as much, in deeply meaningful, and freeing ways as I have seen the House of Israel help people. I think praying for people is excellent. I think praying only for certain groups of people is not what it means to "hear". I believe those who are descendants of the House of Israel pray for people other than themselves, other than the groups they know of- and I think the world is better off and suffering less because of it. I believe this, because I believe the House of Israel "hears" the cries of people on the news, the street, the public places- online or otherwise- and responds to their God. I do not think they are exclusive in asking the Maker of Heaven and Earth whom they work to approach in holy ways for help for others. I think the descendants of the House of Israel "hear" people's requests for help, and turn and ask their God for everything that He has to give for each person they hear in need. I think they ask like that- just as Elisha and Elijah lived- all supplied by miracles. They ask like that- and it comes with that hearing the meaningful meanings in the Hebrew language in their hearts even if the language spoken by the person in need is in English or another language. They say-' a- ha', to themselves, and immediately begin making a list of things they are going to ask the Maker of the heaven and the earth for for those people hurting who have spoken their need. ... (cont.'d)

4. meaningful words, cont'd. ...
erin ,   dallas   (12.02.16)
So we can talk about a powerful empire that once was, we can talk about a House of a two- tribe group that once did good or we can talk about the House of Israel, who can hear a person say "that person hurt me" and know the depth and extent of the wounds, loss, and need the person is saying, and go ask the Great God who made the heaven and earth for all that the hurting person needs. I believe the House of Israel people ask for what is needed for hurting persons without reservation before a very great God- because while that God could destroy them if they were unclean before Him, they "hear" clearly enough the need of that hurt person to go ask someone Whom they know has complete authority over them. They do not hesitate. -That is a great people to talk about. What other great thing is there other than to hear meaningful words, people in deep pain and assisting them with everything they've got. I can't imagine anything more powerful on this planet outside of God and His kingdom, than people who ask for help from a miraculous God, and a generous God that gives gifts more than people who are suffering ever thought or even imagined to ask for. Goliath you got nothing. This planet's full of people asking the Creator God for miracles.
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