Sephardic Chief Rabbi: Women in the army? Only to cook and do laundry
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 11.12.16, 09:55
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1. Another moron destroying Israel
Dan   (12.11.16)
2. nooo way
weeeee ,   ashdod   (12.11.16)
these antiquated views are sick....get these people out of the yeshiva and put some combat boots on them!!! so may bright women wasting away cleaning the gatkiz of these idiot fanatics!!!
3. Why even give this village idiot press space?
Disillusioned   (12.11.16)
It's clear that the stupidity is genetic.

Time to get rid of the rabbinate and force proper education on all citizens - if not for their sake, then for ours.

4. The way of the torah was to die in some ghetto
Avi L.   (12.11.16)
The way of the torah was to die in some ghetto waiting for some anointed one to come, it was not build to Medinat Israel.
Robert ,   Israel   (12.11.16)
Neanderthal way of thinking. A real shame that somebody who is called "Chief Rabbi" expresses himself in such a degrading way towards women.
6. Dear Rabbi
C   (12.11.16)
women have fought in all wars, including the war of independence, and
before the war of independence.
women fought in the resistance during wwii.
they fought in france, in serbia, in holland, in greece, in italy,
in the warsaw ghetto, in other gethoes, including in
it is a blessing for women to fight since their presence encourages
their men to fight harder.
we must pray for these very brave women many of whom gave their lives
and thereby sanctified hashem
7. Rabbi Joseph is write
David ,   New york   (12.11.16)
(Even if ynet distorts his words and editorializes in the article)
The army is being used as a way to assimilate and secularize the population; to defend israel, the army needs fewer soldiers (does not NEED Haredim) it does not NEED women in combat position (and barely needs women at all). This is all being done for the purpose of social engineering
8. Germans got it right indeed: Kuche&Kinder&Kirche: kitchen&
kids&church.... He's right!
9. Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef would be happier living in Iran or
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.11.16)
any other fanatic religious country. Then his father wouldn't "die of a broken heart".
10. 50% of rabbis are below average, this one is the bottom line
Urin Goodhanz ,   BROOKHAVEN   (12.11.16)
Thankyou for PROVING without any doubt, that he and 50% of all rabbis are below average...
one rabbi has to be at the very bottom of the pile...this is probably him.

SEE! YOU CAN BE A COMPLETE JACKASS and still be proclaimed a rabbi too! also, you can be a Jewish genius or a Jewish anus...that's freedom and democracy in excuses a lot of nonsense!

Hey dingleberry, get a real job, get rid of the Micheal Jackson outfit too or do a moon walk as you exit...don't let the schul door hit you on the ass as you depart
between him and the insane heredi no wonder the world negatively labels the Jewish people...It's OPEN SEASON ON JEWISHNESS...y'all come!

BTW/ he only represents himself and a very narrow bunch of empty headed superstitious zealots, anti-social miscreants and dung heads...not you. me or mine.

and also...what and who is a Jew? IMHO not his ideal...

Anyone who wishes to be a Jew is one, instantly, iimmediately,
Religioness only by the extent of their desire.

No Jew is holier than any other Jew,
all Jews are created unequal, individual BUT equally important, male or female.
The Universe has room for everybody, no discrimination, no separatism, no rights denial, or who is more or who is less.
11. mr
moishe   (12.12.16)
this kind of nonsense serves no real purpose other than to show that this Rabbi has too much time to waste. there are more noble causes.
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