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The non-kosher conduct of kashrut supervisors
Itay Ilnai, Yehuda Shohat
Published: 18.12.16, 23:43
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1. Same in Auckland, New Zealand
Boaz ,   Auckland   (12.19.16)
The congregation is the only game in town and they do indeed whatever they want. Two kosher meals bought from Auckland and flown to Wellington. The label reads roast beef in wine sauce, potatoes and steamed carrots. The container had 90% beef flavoured rice ( enough rice to feed 6 people) two shavings of meat, just enough to warrant the use of dental floss and awfully presented carrots. The taste was revolting; miles from hospital or public rest home food. For this c*** they charged like a 5 star restaurant. I looked with envy at the prosciutto in my colleagues' plates. Yes I was tempted, but that's another story.
2. Monopolies will always tend to more and more cheating.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.19.16)
The only cure is to disband the monopoly and permit competition.
3. Hidden Camera?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.24.16)
What if a place were wired to catch people doing this on camera? Don't know what you'd do with proof of extortion, but you'd have it. Sometimes, having proof can be its own leverage.
4. Religion is not the opiate but the...
History nut   (12.24.16)
bane of the people. Why can't the observant in Israel be trusted with their own kashruth? Because they follow the dictates of man and not the Torah of the Most High.
5. the kashrut brands methods....
tomer ,   jerusalem   (12.28.16)
the article scratches the issue, but fails to look deeper. have a closer
look how "kashrut-brands" fight for "market-share",what invoice methods the use when making international kashrut inspection trips (same invoices for
various companies for same trip),how the "transfer technolgy know-how" to curry favours, what "donations" they collect for petty pessach gifts etc.etc.
The believers in the various kashrut brands pay the price..

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