Mossad chief and security delegation meet with Trump team
Itamar Eichner and Tzipi Shmilovitz
Published: 17.12.16, 21:19
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1. some secret meeting! all over the media it is!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (12.17.16)
and isn't this the team that didn't catch the minor fact that ThyssenKrupp has big business dealings with Iran?
2. It *was* clandestine. After the fact it's not.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.18.16)
It was clandestine in that it was arranged quietly and the visitors were unnamed and their purpose were unannounced. After the fact, those visitors are long gone..

Trump, his security team, and his newly designated ambassador to Israel, have the opportunity now to compare the briefings on the region they're now getting with parallel Intel provided by an ally in the region.
3. There is much more going on behaind Charlatan Obama's back
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.18.16)
4. My father was in G2 US Army Intelligence and he said spying
Rivkah   (12.18.16)
is a dirty business. Those years in G2 were so distressing for him that he could not watch a TV spy program like Man From Uncle without walking out of the room and he would not go to a spy movie. It is too terrible. I notice the Mossad spy chief is wearing electronics gear. To prevent damage to the electromagnetic field around his body, people who are around electronics a lot which is most people should wear a FUSION ION soft plastic bracelet with diatomaceous earth in it that helps stabilize the electromagnetic field around the body which is particularly helpful for the heart that is electrical.
5. PM Netanyahu, well done
C   (12.17.16)
relations with the trump administration are crucial.
6. good news
C   (12.18.16)
israel and the united states need to have a close alliance.

trump was given intelligence that he would not have otherwise.
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