Opinion  Ronen Bergman
Tunisia assassination: Yossi Cohen’s baptism of fire
Ronen Bergman
Published: 19.12.16, 09:38
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1. Mossad tries to save Israel from grim future
Z. Lackow ,   israel   (12.20.16)
assassinations do not do anything.
There is always a replacement for anybody.
There is nothing to prevent Israel from falling apart.
As soon as Palestinians declare that they want to be part of Israel, this moment will mark the beginning of the end of the state of Israel as a jewish state, and end of failed zionist experiment, which shouldn't have had started.
2. Body Guard
Hass Delgato ,   Buenos Ares   (12.20.16)
Baptism is actually a Jewish concept. Most of the Christian principles are built on Jewish concepts.
3. Strategic abilities?
Avi L.   (12.20.16)
We, the public, don't know anything, but using"strategic abilities" talking to someone building model planes you can buy in a toy shop ... we don't know anything, but this level of "technology" ... beyond the fact that anybody in Gaza could receive from Teheran some blueprints,

Strategic level evokes some backdoor in the S400 system :)

But again, we don't know anything.
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