Israeli lawmakers approve nearly NIS 1 trillion 2017-18 budget
Published: 22.12.16, 10:47
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1. That's the hype, here's the truth
Disillusioned   (12.22.16)
A "social" budget? Only for the orthodox and the settlers. Here's how it's done.

You lop off 20 million from afternoon care for working parents and give it to Oren Hazan to spend on ...well, anything he likes as he doesn't have to account for a single shekel.
66 million off the health budget for hospitals that can barely cope with the load.
You give that to some rabbinical and Hebron councils and towards "evacuating settlements" that shouldn't have been built in the first place.
Primary school care assistance cut by millions.
Welfare cut by millions - and that's already on its knees.
That money feeds the faces of a couple of obscure Knesset members, also to do what they like with so long as they keep voting for government bills.

No wonder Bibi is pleased with himself, and certainly Moshe can get a few pats on his head from his master for playing the big lie game.
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