Jerusalem planning c'tee to approve over 300 settler homes next week
Yael Freidson
Published: 22.12.16, 20:45
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1. SETTLER homes ???????
Anita ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.16)
300 SETTLER homes in Ramot and Ramat Shapira? Those two neighborhoods happen to be an integral part and parcel of a United Jerusalem. What kind of "SETTLER HOMES"??? Ynet is sick.
How about writing about the constant illegal building of Arab homes from Jerusalem down to Jericho?
2. just build and shut up with your stupid announcements
ynet is like levy of haaretz-
3. Settlers? In Jerusalem
S. Selavan ,   Jerusalem   (12.22.16)
Really now..... Since when is building in our capital considered building in a settlement? Next time don't depend on Reuters for accurate information.
4. 8 years of pro-Arab and Iranian Obama
MadDad ,   Johanbesburg RSA   (12.23.16)
Now it's time for a pro-Israeli president for the next 8 years
The thing that I don't understand about Obamas policy is why he expects only Israel to compromise.
Is he happy with:
A Arab Divine Right of Return
B the 3 nos
C the continual attacks on Jews
D the Hebron and Jerusalem massacres
E judenfrei policies
F Arab insistence that the 67 borders are not the final boarders
I am surprised that the Democratic Ineteligencia are so easily fooled by the 1 sided approach they have chosen
5. New Jewish homes in Jerusalem !
trump ,   brusselistan   (12.23.16)
Both neighborhoods are in North Jerusalem
Study your maps before publishing ridiculous articles
In your logics, Tel Aviv or Haifa are settlements too............
San Remo 1920's still valid and binding clauses awarded to the sole Jewish People full sovereignty over the whole UK "Palestinan Mandate "area.
These clause are enclosed within Chapter 80 of the UN Charter !
6. Ramat Alon is where the prophet Samuel lived and was burried
C   (12.23.16)
"and all israel lamented him, and buried him in ramah" samuel I 28:3

ramat alon is part of the municipality of jerusalem.

jerusalem is the city of david, seat of zion.
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