US abstains, Israeli settlement resolution passes at UN Security Council
Published: 23.12.16, 22:36
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1. The Palestinians are always upset about something.
marty ,   Toronto Canada   (12.23.16)
The Palestinians are always upset &/or threatening about one thing or another. As many Israeli leaders have stated in the past - "Facts on the Ground" are more important than world opinion (since the Palestinians are going to be "upset" no matter what Israel does or doesn't do.
2. Venezuela, Malaysia & Senegal
tiki ,   belgium   (12.23.16)
Venezuela: Bankrupt dictatorship
Senegal: Muslim country where half the population is illiterate.
Malaysia: Muslim and automatic enemy of Israel

New Zealand should be ashamed to be named in one breath with these countries.

We can all agree that this 'resolution" has nothing to do with bettering the life of one Palestinian, only trying to to bittering the life of all Israeli's.

The "Palestinians" might get their resolution but not the land for that will stay firmly where it Israel!
FO ,   Belgium   (12.23.16)
Anyhow, ALL UNSC and UNGA votes condemning Israel's presence in the so called "West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are illegal, being in breach with Article 80 of the UN Charter that reaffirmed ALL the League of Nations' decisions, including of course the "Mandate for Palestine" that gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE right to settle between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan river, including the Golan Heights. As this matter has been settled by the League and reaffirmed by the UN, no other international authority can rescind this matter. But as no Israeli government, not even the actual PM have the guts to proclaim this basic evidence, it puts the State of Israel in a very dangerous situation!
4. Hardly anything Kerry&Obama are doing can be surprising?!
5. So much for the dupes
Avi L.   (12.23.16)
So much for the dupes who for the last 50 years continued declaring that the US "will always be in our pocket".
6. Stay out of our internal politics
SJ ,   California   (12.23.16)
Dear Israelis,
In the US, we have just one President at a time. Stay out of our internal politics. If you don't like US policy, either quietly wait for the next president, or stop mooching off our tax dollars. We can use those tax dollars here.

Dear fellow Americans,
Just do a thought experiment: If a Russian, Chinese or German President/PM came into our country, and played one party against the other openly, and belittled our sitting president, would you put your party above your country? Why do you do it for Israel? Disliking Israel's policy is not hating Jews. They are TOTALLY different things. Most Americans like Jewish people but consider Israel's occupation immoral. Labeling them 'anti-Semetic' only annoys them and desensitizes everyone to the real anti-semetism. I know some Israeli politicians see this as a useful tactic. They are doing the Jewish people a lot of harm by yelling at anyone who disagrees with Israel's policies as anti-semites.

7. Can't say we didn't tell you
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.23.16)
About Obama.
But hey....You were given fair warning about who Obama really was helping.
And it wasn't Israel or the Jewish People.
8. hatefilled, mendacious, sly unsc resolution against Israel
CJK   (12.23.16)
simply , the reference in this resolution to "the Palestinian territory, occupied
since 1967" is an absolute lie.
there was not a so called "Palestinian territory" in 1967, nor since then.

the territory referred to as "Palestinian," is in fact a territory at most
disputed. this territory, which lies between the jordan river and the
mediterranean sea, was never a sovereign state, let alone a palestinian
since there never was a palestinian sovereign, israel has the right to
build in the territory of what is usually referred to as the west bank, i.e.,
judea and shomron. such building is legal given that the territory on
which israel is building has never belonged to a sovereign and was
acquired in a war of self defence waged against israel by combined arab armies that were bent on the destruction of the jewish state.

jerusalem, the capital city of the sovereign state of israel, has been jewish
for three thousand years. it is the city of david, built by the king, and
the seat of zion.
any attempt by any actor to divide jerusalem, to rob jews of their most holy
city, will be met by resolute resistance by israel.
the so called "1967 lines," are armistice lines that were negotiated by israel
in 1949. israel will never accept that these armistice lines be turned
into permanent borders.

according to the charter of the united nations, this organization has no
authority to determine unilaterally the borders of sovereign states.
hence, the entire resolution is illegal in totality.
9. Inevitable
Steve   (12.23.16)
Unfortunate at this time. Russia says that it can post soldiers on the Golan Hightonce Israel withdraws. Like Russia is really going to defend Israel against terror attacks. Like Egypt has been successful keeping the Sinai free of the militants. So many nations claim to know what's in Israel's best interest. I only wish they were right. The truth isn't that simple. One fact is. Millions of arabs living in the West Bank. They aren't going to disappear or move to territorial Jordan.
10. Ashamed of my country
Kiwi Girl ,   Auckland   (12.23.16)
I am ashamed of my country and ashamed of our ex PM. He always said that 'his mother was Jewish' ie 'I'm not' and he was right. The coward resigned a week before this betrayal was presented in the UN. I was a supporter of this govt but I will be no longer. Israel has been stabbed in the back by its greatest 'ally' and by a snivelling nation at the bottom of the world that has been rightly described as 'the toilet of the Pacific'. I grieve for you Israel.
11. Proud American
James   (12.24.16)
Americans don't approve of land theft, genocide, murder. Israel isn't above the law, inspire of what the rabbis teach. Go home toKhazaria.
12. Ashkenazi are not related to ancient Hebrews
Reality   (12.24.16)
13. SJ 100% correct.
Jim   (12.24.16)
14. So Obama is a lying Snake
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.24.16)
And this is the highlight of his legacy
Notice his timing - when Jews where busy with Shabat and Christians busy with Christmas - only Muslims around
15. Yo, Dudes:chill out! It's nothing but the death throes
the diseased old World-Order. New winds are blowing in and the righteous wrath of Europe's/USA's population shall be felt by these backstabbing, dhimmies, that have been betraying not only Israel (time after time) but their own constituencies as well! Enjoy this Last Meal, Judases.
16. About time...
Canucksky ,   Canada   (12.24.16)
About time the US stood up for basic universal human rights and international law. Better than my own country.
17. I ppraying for the peace of Isreal.
RoseAnna Moreno ,   hesperia, California   (12.24.16)
I agree I'm ashamed of those who are against Isreal from our administration people in all walks of life in the us of a!
18. Why Dems are out of power...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.24.16)
NYC Jews, this is your man in action. Good job Barry. Will look forward to seeing your "legacy" reduced to shredded paper. By this time next year the US Embassy will be in Jerusalem, President Trump and PM Netanyahu will be drinking Golan wine together in Rahavia and Barry will be agitating at PTA meetings in D.C.
19. Paper Tiger
Christy ,   Boston, US   (12.24.16)
The UN is a paper tiger. There is no way for this to be enforced.

I'm sorry the US did this. We've more days to go yet before we get a president who looks more favorably on Israel.
20. Fire Netanyahu
Jacob Edelman ,   New York   (12.24.16)
Some readers are upset with US for withholding its veto today at the UN. Frankly, what did you expect? Netanyahu and Israel have made of President Obama, VP Biden, Secretaries Clinton and Kerry the butt of jokes by insulting them publicly during their visits to Israel or the speech made by Bibi at the joint Congressional session last summer. This was coming from a state heavily dependent on US for support in international arena, and who has gotten hold of the financial tits of a generous country to milk it without caring to listen to its concerns. Insulting US is a risky business and now Netanyahu has nightmares. If you rely on Trump to reverse the unanimous UN resolution, brace yourself for newer surprises: Israel being branded an apartheid state by UN.
TO TRUST OR NOT TO TRUST? THAT is the question . Do NOT put your trust in princes and in diplomats .Rather , trust in Hashem your G-d .
22. Is that coffee I smell - hey guys it's coffee - wake up...
Conor ,   Jerusalem   (12.24.16)
I think the whole world is full of anti-semites - hey that's it - 14 countries voted against BB because they hate Jews - I can sleep now safe in the knowledge that building on the land of others is still OK.

Latte please !!!!


23. What is the issue?
ian ,   Raanna   (12.24.16)
Do not understand the issue, the west bank was never part of the Conesus of the Zionists assembly and Ben Gurions mandate from the Jewish People. Only in Post 1967 times and with the rise of the Jewish Right. and the revisionists has the west suddenly introduced in the Jewish homeland must have.
Its wrong to rule others that what the Jewish morals tell us. So why do we want the settlements, on barren hilltops surrounded by villagers and disrupting there way of life.
24. Bibi spit in Obamas soup, did Bibi expect a thank you?
but why waste the time on Obama? Soon enough Bibi will be dealing with an honorable Scotsman...and that will be an amazing amount of fun!
25. Right wing delusions
Disillusioned   (12.24.16)
All our American Kahanites celebrating Trump are in for a surprise if they continue to see him as the new messiah coming to save the Israelites.

Trump will, first and foremost, do what is right for America - before Israel. He will learn that he has a whole world out there to please, not least current allies in Europe, and in the Gulf states. If he's to tackle the Iranian threat to the world order, he's going to have to keep its enemies (like Saudi Arabia) sweet, not least to keep the world's oil supply flowing. If Netanyahu thinks he's going to run rings around The Donald, and be permitted to do as he pleases with America's unhesitating approval, he better think again.

As with Obama, the meeting of arch narcissists is usually a recipe for trouble and they don't get a lot more narcissistic than Bibi and Trump. The latter is going to very quickly sense Netanyahu's manipulations and it's going to get irritating. Not even friendlier world leaders have liked Netanyahu.

There is one person to blame for this resolution and it is not Obama but Netanyahu, who used every opportunity to give the one finger salute to Obama. If he thought Obama was going to let him have the last word, well, here's Obama's last word and it's a return one finger salute.

The foolishness of it is beyond belief: right up to the end, Netanyahu - in order to keep his coalition happy - approved more and more building plans, knowing that it would be a red flag before a bull. But now the bull has charged, and given his adversary the final smack he's been asking for for some time.

To see the reactions, the eagerness for a POTUS who they believe will rubber stamp everything that the sneaky Netanyahu presents. is like looking at a bunch of naive children. The fact is that there hasn't been a single American leader who has liked Netanyahu enough to set aside their own interests for the sake of the foolish settler movement.
26. looking for whom to blame? before you say Obama, try...
Rafi ,   US   (12.24.16)
a) yourself for building the settlements in the 1st place;

b) your friends the Egyptians & your new "Sunni allies" who sponsored the resolution.

So 1st things first: it was not the US who either created the issue nor brought it before the UN. Look above for the answers...
27. Israel will not acknowledge nor abide by Useless Nations
C   (12.23.16)

israel will continue to build in her ancient ancestral homeland as she wishes.

the entire resolution is illegal since there never was nor is a so called
palestinian territory or sovereign.

the obama regime has just bungled another foreign policy issue.
there will never be a two state solution.
28. mr
m   (12.24.16)
not too many Democrats will be elected next election. many will be starting retirement plans. also, Obama will get few speaking engagements to large Jewish donors. he will have to pay for Obama library out of his own pocket. hope they nix his book as well. doubt it.
29. Calling haShem a liar is very dangerous for the UN to do.
Rivkah   (12.24.16)
Now there will be a cataclysmic judgment of the USA and other nations as there always is when haShem is called a liar by a government or governing body such as the UN who misuse haShem's authority when that is done. There is no power or authority except of haShem Psalms warns.
30. Dark Cloud for American Jews no friends there come home
TheTruthIsOut ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.24.16)
The American Jewish community and I use the term loosely is in
shambles The have offended everyone on the Right 70-100 million
Evangelicals on the Left the are the highest rates of Anti Semitism
especially in the African American Hispanic and University and Leftist
Circles Having overwhelmingly abandoned their Judaism for
the Democratic Party at Prayer they virtually have no friends no
matter how hard they stumbled over themselves to assimilate including
the hideous phenomena of Self Hate ( sound familiar like the German Jews ) They will always be considered and whispered about
as " a Jew" no matter what . With all their education and achievements
they remain ignorant of their fate.
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