Netanyahu warns ministers against declarations of annexation
Moran Azulay
Published: 25.12.16, 13:43
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1. \just wait for Kerry's "address" within a few days
Alan ,   SA   (12.25.16)
Israel will get part 2 of the Obama knife in the back.
However,we must ALL be patient and wait for this storm to pass before doing anything..
Obama had to wait 8 years before he organised this "resolution".....8 years.It has all his fingerprints over the words.
2. This was the direct result of electing Netanyahu
andrew ,   Ariel   (12.25.16)
This was the direct result of electing Netanyahu. It was inevitable. Netanyahu is a pariah in all the countries that count. The resolution was directed at Netanyahu, his duplicity and his dishonesty, which the electorate sadly chose to ignore, but the world community and most notably friendly countries were not. It is the country that will now pay the price for the folly of electing Netanyahu. Make no mistake, this resolution would never have gained any traction were there a more moderate government committed to peace (or at least perceived to being committed to peace).

Netanyahu allows and builds settlements that clearly contradict the possibility of a 2 state solution. They are inexcusable boondoggles, money pits since they will eventually have to be evacuated and in the meantime the Army has to waste resources protecting them...

Netanyahu has now also put all of the settlements in jeopardy, settlements that others may have grumbled about but were resigned to accepting. Now these settlements are all lumped together and included with the most ridiculous settlements of the extremist camp.
3. Only now he realises the stupidity of this
David ,   London, England   (12.25.16)
All of it is sheer hubris on Nethanyahu's part. What exactly did he expect would happen ion trying to pass this law. It shows a huge lack of judgement on his part at best and at worst he has no idea what he is doing.
4. 26 days and COUNTING...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.25.16)
5. ehud barak and UN resolution
joe   (12.25.16)
Recall ehud barak, who offered arafat judea and samaria, east jeruslalem, just as the amercans wanted, and what happened-israeli heads were being blown off by homicide bombers by the tens and tens. recall barak did very little in fighting terror. It took ariel sharon to go back into west bank towns to clean out terror. so terror increasesd when israel made the concesions that the UN resoltuion called for. and america-what did they do about terror-nothing but hapless speeches that john kerry, a pathetic failure gives. Swift boat critics were not wrong about kerry who pays ransom as a policy tactic onstantly.

Recall olmert and his water carrier ramon offered abbas even more and what did israel get? more terrorr.

And sharon withdrew israel settlements from gaza and got 10000 rockets in response. and what did the USA do? Nothing. and now they instigated without a doubt a resolution. And spain, france, england, afraid of their own domestic immigraiton issues try to bribe abbas and haniyeh by passing a resolution which basically says to jews and christians- the bible is bs-there is such thing as jewish and christian history.

no matter what concessions are offered, peace will never occur. evenif israel moved to a land that the UN offered in south america or europe, the syrians would befighting the palestinians and cutting each other's throats out.
6. Damage control
Robert ,   Antwerp   (12.25.16)
Netanyahou is right when he tells his ministers not To speak about settlements. This is what is called damage control. He hopes that Trump will .be able to overturn the effect of the résolution. I'm afraid he doesn't réalize that the usa alone is not enough to protect Israël against sanctions.
7. new elections
james   (12.25.16)
israel is on its own. trump is no saint or guarantee. israeli needs an action man to lead the naiton who knows how to go all out. bibi should step down and announe new eletions. israelis should vote in an action man who can be deicisve, not the collection of weaklings that have been running after the USA.

a coalition of feiglin and bennett will know what to do. bibi is out of his depth aand is damn weak.all he does is bla bla bla.
8. Art of the Deal: by Trump
bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (12.25.16)
Israel should not be pinning it's hopes on the new administration in the U.S.A. Mr Trump is a deal maker and he will seek to have Israel and the Palestinians make a Peace deal. "Be careful for what you ask for, you just might get it"! neither side really wants a deal or one would have been had a long time ago. A deal would require compromise, empathy, courage, and desire. I suggest that the two sides decide what they really want the finished deal to look like, what they can and cant compromise on because Mr. Trump is going to push the deal and he's going to see right through anybody who is not seriously negotiating in good faith. With that said Israel is going to end up with a bi-national state (one state two people) start writing a constitution because the words of that document is what you are going to end up negotiating over.
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