Radical moves will only deepen our diplomatic isolation
Amos Yadlin
Published: 27.12.16, 15:13
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1. Really,Yadlin? Advices worthy a Ghetto Jew,always cringing
ab   (12.27.16)
2. The best thing that Israel can do
BUILD BABY BULD !!   (12.27.16)
is to keep building her own land to the maximum!
Not one and, I repeat no one has rule over Israel except Israeli's.
obama is a known Muslim who hates not only Israel but its would seem all democracies.
Look at the damage he's done to America.
Had Hillary "Rotten" Clinton been elected, she would have sold every American asses that wasn't nailed down.
Hope she gets indicted, tried, found guilty as spends there best of her worthless life in jail with other female criminals.
This obama caper will cost the democrats for years.
Maybe we should all say thank you Muslim obama?
Who needs the stinkin' UN ? No body.
3. Beginning of wisdom
Jacob Edelman ,   NYC-NY   (12.27.16)
The UN Security Council vote should be an eye opener for the Israeli leadership , such as the one PM Netanyahu leads and for those who have been taking turns to play tricks on the international community saying one thing and doing another.Remember what Lincoln might have said:"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time".We have known and followed Netanyahu for over 40 years. I don't think he has stopped one minute believing himself in the BS he has dispensed as a politician ... he has thus slowly tightened the noose around the neck of Israel with his outlandish claims and he is surprised at the result.
4. yadlin's proposal will cause israeli deaths to soar
george   (12.27.16)
bibi should talk less and do more which he is realy incapable of. however yadlin in the past wanted to copy olmert's withdrawal from the west bank, perhaps limited. the arabs fresh from this resolution would be exstatic and take this a sign that israeli is weak and failing and would pile on. i have no confidence in yadin as a possible defense minister and his boss herzog is a national embarassment.

israel could use a decisive smaert leader and bibi is not. the media pushes israel away from bennett and feiglin. they may soon regret it cause only a war will change positions.

5. words of wisdom by a former IDF officer...
Rafi ,   US   (12.27.16)
... who devoted most of his adult life to the well-being & security of State of Israel.

Compare to the vile ignorance peddled in right-wing Talkbacks - most of whom never risked anything on behalf of anyone - just more yenttas behind the PC screen... "bravely" assigning risks to others...

How about Talkback #1... referring to Gen Yadlin as a "ghetto Jew"?

ARE YOU KIDDING? what have YOU done lately on behalf of Israel? If it's 0.00001% of what Yadlin and his colleagues have sacrificed I'd be impressed... you worthless turd
6. General Yadlin I vote for you
Arvine   (12.27.16)
It is frustrating to see that the political echelon is always so reckless. Obama is leaving but he can do much more harm before he leaves. On the other side, Netanyahu has become a liability to the state of Israel and his hysterical moves like that of an abandoned woman plays into the hands of the jackals. He managed to make Israel a partisan issue in the US and that is a shame. Something that must be reversed at the earliest opportunity. It is time to have a leader in Israel instead of a cheap advertiser.
7. Silence is golden
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (12.27.16)
Yes George, Bibi really should talk less and do more, and now, especially now, it’s essential. Yadlin’s strategy of moving “towards a separation from the Palestinians in a controlled, cautious and patient manner” seems inevitable, and it is better if this is done at a time and in a manner of Israel’s choosing, with security interests paramount, than having Palestinian demands forced on Israel by a careless, virtue-signalling “international community”. But a more benign incoming US President and an EU fragmenting and seized of its own problems means it will soon be the best of all possible times to take initiatives of this sort, especially with all politicians from the centre to Naftali Bennett being in agreement. Right now, 2334’s intellectual dishonesty shows the shallowness of that international community’s current thinking and the depth of its depraved indifference to to-day’s clear-cut moral issues, in particular the consequences of the Syrian war and of the Nigerian insurgency. Israel is not being listened to, meaning that now, indeed, is the time for silence and action to prevent Israel from being further weakened before the world changes in 2017 and allows itself to understand the problems Israel faces. But will Bibi manage to come up with a viable plan that will garner international support while establishing cabinet discipline? That’s a different question. He is certainly a talented individual. But two terms of Obama with Bibi as Foreign Minister as well as Prime Minister mean he’s a very tired individual, too. He should never have tried to combine both jobs. It has only meant neither of them being done well enough.
8. The first step to present a long term strategy could be.....
tiki ,   belgium   (12.27.16)
To make it clear to the world that Israel has finished to function as its doormat.

After that everything is possible!
9. Israelis have neglected to study the State of Russia
e-intelligence   (12.27.16)
Their active measures poisones many parties:

*Israelis on the left and right
*Palestinians on the left and right
-Americans and Westerners on the left and right

We can end up in civil frictions and wars if we take their poison.
10. Netanyahu constantly shown how poor judgement...
Gunnar ,   Warsaw, Poland   (12.27.16)
...he has. He has spoken of a "new era for Israel" in international forums. He has said "the Arab states stand with us against Iran". He has said "Russia is someone we can trust". And the most ridiculous one: "Our high-tech industry and entrepreneurial spirit will serve our image globally". No, it's whether or not Israel can reach a final and comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians that will decide everything!!!!!
11. # 5 Rafi What have YOU done lately on behalf of Israel?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.28.16)
Free speech means everyone gets a say.
Due to obama's cowardice and pro terrorist sympathies
watch for more Israel 'settlements' that will like America become big cities filled with Jews.
And, Trump will move the US embassy to Jerusalem making any further nonsense of a 'two state solution' null and void !!
12. Yadlin is a 24 carat PUTZ!Incredible dribble, not first time
13. king
Future Tense ,   Utopia   (12.29.16)
Judea and Samaria are part of Israel.
14. isolation comes from 70 JEW KILLER arab muslim countries...
not Israels fault..
15. Mr
Benny Jacobs ,   Tel Aviv   (12.31.16)
Logic may point to this view, but experience shows the opposite. A country which stands for itself will earn respect if not fear from its enemies and detractors. Look at China and Russia who don't accept interference. And if you look at the headlines on this news site, you will see that Abbas is repeatedly emphasising that he wants to work with the new US administration for peace - something he has not done in a long while
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