Kerry lays out parameters for peace: 'No alternative for the two-state solution'
Gahl Becker, Yaara Shalom
Published: 28.12.16, 18:34
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1. Living in La La Land ...
ilan   (12.28.16)
As much as I values Secretary Kerry, this time it seems that both he and President Obama live in La La Land. His speech is well crafted, the points well made and the message clearly articulated. Only one problem - it has not much to do with reality and lacks and coherent understanding of the current situation in Israel as well as the history of the region, both which cannot be ignored. I wrote a book called "Israel History Maps" (available on Amazon) which clearly describes 3000 Years of Geographic Chronology of Jewish Sovereignty in Israel. Let me, for instance, focus on a main point that Kerry brought up: the '67 lines. Why 67? Why not 47? The areas occupied in 48 can also be considered "occupied territories". Let's take one more step - what are these measures that would insure Israel's safety? Bold words, but nothing to them. In 66-67, there was an international peace keeping force in Sinai. Egypt kicked them out to start a war with Israel. How will Israel be protected? With more weapons? Another point - Israel withdrew out of the Gaza strip, and that became a terror hub that constantly launches attacks on Israel. These are not new things. Learn history and understand the real complexity of the region. Then you would understand how this "outline" is just empty words.
2. Trump administration will be far better than Obama's
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.28.16)
It is hazardous to predict the future. Israel needs to put her faith in herself. However, the Trump administration has got to be far better than Obama's despicable government. Trump himself has displayed every indication of being a true friend of Israel and Jews. His administration is also full of proven friends such as Senator Ted Cruz. It is crucial that Israel make it clear that we are done with fraudulent "peace talks with Palestinians". This tiny land is ours. End of discussion.
3. That may be true in some ways...but
Koose E Mack ,   US   (12.28.16)
it's like a Cow giving milk and then kicking over the bucket.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.28.16)
No need to restrict building Israel the idiot obama made sure that Israel will build to the maximum and annex and then repatriate all the Arab terrorists that obama loved so much.
5. It's irrelevant. Palestinians reject Jewish state.
Sam ,   Montreal   (12.28.16)
The only plan Palestinians accept is being given the West Bank on a silver platter and being given an unlimited right of return into Israel proper so as to make the Jewish state disappear. Palestinians always harp on international law because that's what they believe it will give them. Palestinians believe numbers are on their side so that they don't have to compromise with Israel. They will get it all eventually.
To try to harm Israel ,than the current administration .
7. (not to be published)
N ,   N   (12.28.16)
The current Israeli government exchanging twitter posts with Trump openly bypassing and disparaging the current US administration should either bring forward solid and public proof of their claim of double-speak of the current administration or it should significantly tone down the accusations.
8. Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon Nuked the Two-State Solution
Ovadiah ben Avraham ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.28.16)
When they secretly brokered the Hamas-PLO Unity Government behind Israel's and Egypt's backs in 2014. And then recognized it, and celebrated it. Israel had entered into the Oslo framework only after the PLO changed its Charter in a vote at which Bill Clinton was present. By incorporating Hamas and its genocidal Covenant into the Palestinian Authority Government, Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon knew they were putting the Israeli Government into an untenable position, and they did it as yet another ambush.
9. Mr.
anthony ,   Kansas City   (12.28.16)
Wow, John Kerry thinks a lot of himself and Obama. That is one of the most ridiculous claims. This administration tends to lean toward the ridiculous.
10. Men or Mice
joe   (12.28.16)
without getting into the merits of left wing or right wing policies on peace, it is just nauseating to see herzog run after kerry after he gave his speech. He , ksses and hugs him implying please protect me.HIs grovelling and weakness are just too much.

Why not just give tel aviv abbas tel aviv and move into john kerry's house in Massachusetts. That israeils could even give herzog one vote is a serious indictment on them.Herzog is fully entitled to make his case. he says, withdraw, hide behind walls and run to the US for protection. This is who you vote for???

11. Obama & Kerry are Israels WORST enemies !!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.28.16)
They are worse than ISIS....
12. If the Oslo Accords 'never materialized....
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (12.28.16)
...why are Abbas and his PA/Fatah cronies still living a life of luxury in Ramallah?

It's time to send them packing back whence they came.

13. Is John Kerry today's Neville Chamberlain?
McChalium ,   Garden Valley, CA   (12.28.16)
While the similarities may be vague to some to me they are striking. The good news is that John Kerry is on his way out, never to return. Same for the the Clintons. Mr Kerry's parroting of Obama's BS is not by any means the thinking of most Americans. I for one think that the 1967 war was ended too soon before the IDF got all the way to the Mediterranean Sea from the Nile river to the northernmost border of ancient Israel. For that matter, Joshua stopped way short of where he should have gone. Had he done so, possibly there wouldn't be any two state solution being bandied about by people who wouldn't have to live in such a situation. Well we can't change the past, but we don't necessarily have to live with it. Stand strong Israel!
14. Kerry's very misleading speech
C   (12.28.16)
kerry cannot point to international law that justifies the creation of a new
arab state.
amazingly, he refers to UNGAR 181 as a foundation of international law.

it is well known that general assembly resolutions are not laws and are
not binding. they are political recommendations.

kerry's entire speech is the position of the arabs.
his remarks about jerusalem are clearly the arab position.
he wants israel's capital, her ancient capital, the holy city of david,
seat of zion, to be an international city.

israel will never accept the totally one sided, anti-Israel ideas put
forth by this clueless individual, an abysmal failure as secretary
of state.
15. UNGAR 181 is the PARTITION resolution dummy!
Michael Hess ,   Santa Ana Pueblo, NM   (12.28.16)
It's ludicrous for you to decry the very resolution that gave Israel life, especially when it is enshrined as the official borders of Israel in the declaration of independence, and held therein as "irrevocable." If you don't even understand this basic fact, you really do not need to be commenting. I am embarrassed for you.
16. Kerry the racist
Ezekial Haim ,   London   (12.29.16)
Kerry acknowledges that Israel has 1.7 million Arab citizens but does not accept that a Palestinian state can have several hundred thousands jews.This is the position that racist arab states take by expelling jews.Kerry subscribes to the same racist principles as the Arab states.
17. First step: rhe 600,000 "West Bank" Jews declare a state!
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (12.29.16)
Including all land they reside on between Israel and the Jordan River. They can then offer reciprocal independence to the Arabs there and divide everything between them, as they agree. Or not. Israel is out of it, except for the obvious security arrangement with the new state of Judea (or whatever it wants to be called). Israel makes clear to the Arabs of the area that this is their last chance. Refusal to negotiate cedes all the land to Judea, except what the arabs actually live on. They can then fight for a better deal or live with the consequences of their defeats of 1948, 1967 and 1973. Nothing goes in or out except on condition of good behavior. Gaza should be sealed off, nothing in or out except on condition on good behavior. This is an alternative to an unworkable imaginary 2- state solution.
18. 10 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.29.16)
19. The Arabs ended the 2 state soloution
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.29.16)
Kerrie's ignorance of when the 2 state solution died due to the reluctance of the Arabs
To blame Israel now shows what a space- cadet Kerry is
Thanks to him the intransigent Arabs can continue murdering Jews without consequence while they wait for people like Kerry to do their work for them
Kerry - you are a mouse of a man with a brain to match
20. Obama sold Israel a bunch of lemons
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.29.16)
Obama must chuckle every time someone says that his administration has given Israel the biggest aid package ever - because I do
Why - the exorbitantly priced F35 is still in its development stage and is experiencing immeasurable technical difficulties. This single engine jet is a lemon and Obama knows it
All he needed was a sucker to foot the bill while they iron out the bugs - which might be forever and along comes Israel
Now he can tell the world how much unpresidented aid he has given Israel - hahahaha
21. Obama lays the blame for decades old conflict
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (12.29.16)
squarely on the Settlers
Forget the decades long rejection by the Arabs of anything offered them
Forget the decades long attempts by the Arabs to ethnically cleanse Jews from the region
Forget the decades long attempts to preserve the Arab refugees as political fodder unpresidented in history
It's the Jews that want to live in their ancient towns and cities in peace with their neighbors that are the problem
Yeah right you clown
22. Somthing to remember
Alan ,   SA   (12.29.16)
In October 2003, Kerry said Israel's unilateral construction of a security fence was "a barrier to peace."

"I know how disheartened Palestinians are by the decision to build the barrier off the Green Line," he told the Arab American Institute National Leadership Conference. "We don't need another barrier to peace. Provocative and counterproductive measures only harm Israelis."

But less than a year later, in February 2004, he reversed himself, calling the fence "a legitimate act of self-defense," and saying "President Bush is rightly discussing with Israel the exact route of the fence to minimize the hardship it causes innocent Palestinians."
23. Question for the PC Ruling Elite
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (12.29.16)
How come Arabs are risking their lives as refugees to escape the ME to get to the EU when Palastinians are clamouring to get to Judea and Samaria where they are suffering under the Brutal Occupation for decades?
Give the ME refugees their divine right of return and send them home
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