Abbas: Willing to resume peace talks if Israel freezes settlements
Elior Levy
Published: 28.12.16, 23:05
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1. Delusional Pali's
X'   (12.29.16)
the arrogance and delusional stupidity of the Pali-Nazis is astounding. Their message to the world from Ab=A$$ and BarGOATi essentially consist of give us everything first and then we might negotiate. Israel should give the Jew Hating bigots in Ramallah and Gaza a list of the following preconditions before they will negotiate:
1) Recognize Israel as a Jewish majority state
2) Renounce the so called "right of return"
3) If they are to get a state it must be demilitarized and its borders sealed by NATO forces to prevent infiltration by the Islamo-Nazis of ISIS, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran.
4) Pay reparations to Israel and the rest of the world for practicing and aiding and abetting terrorism.
It is without a doubt that the Pali-Nazis will have the usual hissy fit and probably start a third intifada. If they do, they Israel should militarily eject the bulk of the Pali-Nazi population into what's left of Syria and Lebanon.
2. Never gonna happen!
Bill ,   Skokie U.S.A.   (12.29.16)
The two state solution is a failed policy. Two states would just perpetuate or even worse accelerate the conflict. Real peace peace, a peace that gives everyone their long for desires is found in one state. If for instance the Palestinians were made citizens of Israel, Jerusalem would be their capital. If Palestinians were Israeli citizens they would have they right to self determination. If Palestinians were Israeli citizens they would have the same things that everyone has in western democracies. Although it just might make it easier for the to kill (God forbid). I do think though that If the Palestinians have their own state they will be subject to tyranny and dictatorship, limited rights, and no liberty. I don't live their, I live in America, so I have a world view that is free from oppression and terrorism, I understand that until you walk in someone else's shoes you cant say just do this. But wouldn't be nice if everyone there had the same thing as we do!
3. No deal with Bombass
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.29.16)
4. freeze settlements?
David In Arizona ,   USA   (12.29.16)
Don't freeze building settlements!
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