Trump: UN causing problems, not solving them
Orly Azoulay
Published: 29.12.16, 08:38
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1. Please Mr Pres elect. Its not the USA,it is all Obama setup
Alan ,   SA   (12.29.16)
The VAST majorithy of US public is pro IsraelI It iis Obama Organisation .
2. Why did Obama wait until after Prez Election to introduce
Alan ,   SA   (12.29.16)
his peace plans
I suppose he wanted to be sure to collect the money from the Jewish supporters for the campaign and also not spook the evangelicals and Jewish voters
3. So it took this "man-child" to declare: The Emperor's naked!
4. If Jerusalem is divided, the USA will be divided if it absta
Rivkah   (12.29.16)
abstains from vetoing that. How will the USA be divided into two parts in judgment from haShem? The New Madrid earthquake faultline will erupt and to fill the void, the Great Lakes will tip over like a tea cup and widen the Mississippi River to 50miles or 100 miles wide. That is the year the Russians and Chinese will attack. To stop the Russian and Chinese invasion on the West Coast, haShem will ignite the earthquake faultlines West of Hwy I-5 and the Pacific shelf will fall into the Pacific Ocean. Best to move East of I-5 now and even that will be dangerous. In an atomic war, US school children will be locked into schools and bused to FEMA camps where they will be slaughtered to feed the survivors. A lot of Grandmas are working as volunteers or paid assistants in schools where their grandchildren are going to school to go with them to FEMA camps or to rescue them from getting on the buses if they can. After an EMP attack, the newer vehicles won't run. Get an old vehicle with points and that does not have an electrical starter or a scooter without an electrical starter.
5. There is no reason to let the U.N. exist
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.29.16)
Trump is completely correct about the U.N. It is a totally worthless organization, and almost certainly the world's leading purveyor of Jew hatred. Trump should listen to the ever growing voices in America urging him to defund the U.N. and boot it out of New York. Or turn it into condos, as Charles Krauthammer advises.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.30.16)
OBMA with all of his smoothness and talks could not stop any war and started 3 wars right after. I would rather have that than see US creatting wars and destructions.
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