Third of all Israelis to be Haredi in 50 years
Michal Margalit, Omri Efraim and Yaron Druckman
Published: 29.12.16, 14:21
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1. #0% Haredim
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (12.29.16)
Another Iran. Another set of issues,work,army service, education, financial support. But all that will be their problem as they will hold the political power and will have to rule with responsibility.
2. My country wants to die.
Dan   (12.29.16)
I can think of no other explanation for its refusal to prioritise peace over settlements, its failure to force Haredim into reality by making them work and its determination to alienate its one ally. Goodbye then, Israel, happy suicide. I choose life.
3. Israel
Orev and Zeev Midian ,   Zevah and Zalmunna   (12.29.16)
Believe me in shorter than 50 years, maybe even in shorter than 10 or 5 years,there will be no religious and no secular jews alive.
4. I wish it would have been 2 of 3.The more Jews the more
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv / israel   (12.29.16)
better for our land.
5. #2: open your mind
David ,   New york   (12.29.16)
Israel will survive thanks to the religious a and the nationalistic
The change couldn't happen fast enough
6. How lucky can one get: I'll be long dead by then, but my
Grandchildren/children will have to decide: stay or leave?!
BTW: I'm ultra right-wing!
7. # 1and # 2 Mentally Ill wake up Secular Jews
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.29.16)
The first two commenters are as usual living in a secular bubble
the overwhelming majority of Jews in Israel are religious of
some kind whether Orthodox or Traditional ( Orthodox Light )
National Religious or Jews from Middle Eastern Arabic Countries
are Traditional ( Orthodox ) Instead of being hysterical about
it face the fact most are already Orthodox in one manner or another
now, face it Secular Jews don't do it , low birthrates high emigration
Yerida lack of any serious attachment to Jewish Civilization be
it religious or even historical. Not to mention that the Arab World
can more easily relate to a religious Jews lifestyle that that of
the Tel Aviv secular Hedonistic one much better chance of
making peace if the country had basic Jewish Values . the
Arabs say they love the Peace Now Crowd as they see them
as weaklings that one day they can easily throw over i.e. "Useful
Idiots " Not so the religious Jew who they see as strong and
they respect and fear them as such. The Arabs respect those
who respect themselves the hate those who don't have any
self pride and again see them only as temporary "Useful
Idiots" that will serve their cause of ultimate destruction
of the Jewish Homeland ,
8. Israel Prize for the most incorrect forecast ever.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.29.16)
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