Russian Ambassador rushed to hospital
Itamar Eichner and Itay Blumental
Published: 30.12.16, 10:22
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1. There are lots of poisoners at restaurants, so it is best to
Rivkah   (12.30.16)
take Gastromycin capsules when one eats out and have a bottle at home, too, in case the market food is poisoned. Take four and the activated charcoal will neutralize most poisons. There are many reasons for poisoning food with toxins or bacteria or viruses or parasites. Some people are just mean and others are psychotic. Still others are prepositioned troops with an agenda. Others have brain damage from illegal drugs or toxic vaccine additives or toxins in foods or radiation or toxic heavy metals poisoning themselves that damaged their brains. Oh, and MSG. That is brain toxic, too. Take ginger capsules or extract to reverse the damage from MSG. After being poisoned at restaurants in many nations as well as the USA, I gave up eating out except rarely. My grandmother said wherever she went she did not get sick as long as she ate a grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant.
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