Likud MK pushes bill to protect sitting PM from prosecution
Moran Azulay
Published: 01.01.17, 19:41
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1. Law Protecting PM
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (01.01.17)
The US has a law like this. Except for very extreme crimes, an elected president is not investigated or indicted until AFTER his term of office is over. In case you haven't noticed, Israel is at the brink of an extremely volatile, new world situation and the PM is rather busy trying to guarantee our safety and survival. A supposed investigation (the 20th? the 30th? ad naseum!) which the media and the Left have come up with have so far faded away. And this time it's for "accepting gifts"? Not for bribery, or graft or any serious crime. If it is against the law, investigate him. After his term of office. Don't destroy the country or endanger our future just to get him out of office. You can hand out your slaps when his term is over. Right now just sit tight. He was democratically elected and let him do his job keeping the place safe for my kids and grandkids and for the People of Israel!
2. Sure, protect Netanyahu
Ed ,   Portland   (01.01.17)
OK. The right wing in Israel got rid of Ehud Ohlmert with a political assasination, and after he was removed from office for daring to bring a peace process near it took years to finally convict on a much lesser charge.

But why Netanyahu is being investigated, change the law.

Utterly disgusting.
3. Now I will fear for the environment with this "Chairman MK"
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.01.17)
4. Natenyahu is continually investigated
C   (01.02.17)
a sitting prime minister should not be investigated unless a special
prosecutor is appointed by the knesset.

it is very important to insure that there be no investigation or prosecution
of a sitting prime minister for political reasons.
5. law to protect Pm from proscecution......
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.02.17)
Our likud party looses its mind completely.
That law Can not be passed ,no way.Is unlawful .despicable, a moral disaster.

Now , may God help us, if he can.....

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