Annex, Bibi, annex
Haim Ramon
Published: 02.01.17, 23:51
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1. Ramons as well as Herzogs problem they are devoid of reality
Nachman ,   New York   (01.03.17)
We tried Oslo and we were compensated with suicide bombers we gave up Gaza in return we got missiles showered on us plus two wars. The average Israeli will not gamble away his country with much worse punishment because the UN vote. Remember the Holocaust were six million of our brothers and sisters were sent to the gas chambers while the word stood silent. Never again. I agree with Ramon it is time to annex Area C. and the millions of Palestinians beyond area C that were never under Israels jurisdiction can go back and be under Egypt and Jordan
2. Annex, Bibi, annex
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.03.17)
In the current context of the M E, occupation has taken on an unpleasant derogatory slant but why should this be the case.
Israel has through the horror and blood letting of defensive wars inflicted upon it has derived the justification to be entitled to its historic homeland and by this.."Occupation"..has the same meaning as any householder occupying their home, their domicile and their sanctuary; likewise if the so called Pals wish to be Israelis and are legal citizens then they also have the universal right to have a home, a job and security that the state makes possible and this does not imply any forced occupation of any part that is Israel, notwithstanding the absurd persistent UN and other stipulations that this land is illegally occupied especially when coming from those many nations that are part of that moribund organisation which are guilty of mass genocide and religious persecution
3. Kerry / Obama Unmasked due to Omission
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.03.17)
Kerry in his speech revealed a lot about the current administration through their omissions.
Little to nothing was heard about the Arab administration of Gaza which one would expect to be in it's 4-3 cycle of democratic elections even though Israel went to great lengths to ensure that this State is now Jew free.
Kerry / Obama are clearly satisfied with this as they believe that the lack of democracy as practiced by the Arabs is not a problem in achieving a 2 state solution.
Is this because they do not believe that the Arabs are capable of achieving democracy? Or is it because they hold Israel to a higher standard?
Their only concern seems to be that Israel cannot be Jewish and Democratic. How about Gaza being Arab and Democratic? The fact that Gaza is undemocratic doesn't bother them.
Thus they believe that Arabs are inferior because they are not accountable for democratic values - making Kerry and Obama racist and they are holding Israel to a higher standard than the Arabs - which makes Kerry and Obama anti-Semitic.
I find it totally unacceptable that they expect greater Israel to hold a single once off election that might herald an fascist Islamic Terrorist State (like Gaza) when they themselves believe the Arabs are not capable of achieving a democracy (which they don't expect from any Arab nation on the planet)
4. "Annex, Bibi, annex" - Relax, in due time.
leo ,   usa   (01.03.17)
5. Dangerous times ahead
Jacob Edelman ,   NYC- NY   (01.03.17)
PM Netanyahu, Bennett or others are definitely playing with fire and risking the future of Israel as a state, let alone as a democratic one. At this moment there are lots of apparent similarities with the situation that apartheid South Africa faced once it descended into hell on account of international isolation, but the ruling class there was smart enough to see the "wall" and did the right thing: it was a courageous political situation that Israeli leaders do not have and they do not seem to be interested in. In any conflictual situation the smart thing to do is to have the capacity to manage the risks and have a vision for potential solutions. Somehow or the other PM Netanyahu and his ministers seem to be locked in in a situation that they can not manage, and they keep digging.Instead of waiting for new elections, and letting the religious extreme right to corner the market, the Israeli people who care for their state should rise against this unacceptable situation.
6. Will the quality of life be better for Jews if Bibi annex‘s
Rich ,   Toronto   (01.03.17)
the West Bank? I doubt it. And if the population grows to 20 million in 50 years life will be unsustainable.
FO ,   Belgium   (01.03.17)
Dear Mr. Ramon, I read the first 21 words of your article and I stopped. The rest became irrelevant. With 21 words you wrote: "If Netanyahu and Bennett really want to continue the occupation and are unwilling to give up a single inch of land, they should go all way and start annexing immediately". If I follow your argument, I conclude the following: that by using the word "occupation" you consider the so called West-Bank and even the Golan Heights, I suppose, as foreign territories. And you criticize Netanyahu and Bennett for being unwilling to give up even a single inch of land. Instead, you Mr. Ramon, you are ready to give up not only one inch, but main parts of the "territories", but keep some of them already intensely populated with Israeli civilians. Well, this would make you a War Criminal according to the Fourth Geneva Convention. Last UNSC resolution was adopted, it is binding and can’t be rescinded. But you, Mr. Ramon, you and your Left, you try, and amazingly enough succeed, to keep, for reasons I often exposed, the following classified: the “Mandate for Palestine” voted unanimously by ALL the 51 members of the League of Nations. A mandate that gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights. The Mandate became binding, can’t be rescinded either, and was reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations’ Charter. Conform to the rule of (in French) La Chose Jugée, all following anti-Israeli resolutions concerning “occupation” and “colonization” can be considered as illegal and declared null and void. So, Mr. Ramon, using the word “annexation” is an aberration. I would use the term “Reunification” for parts of the territory Israel intends to impose its Laws upon.
8. GO FOR IT ! NOW !!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.03.17)
9. 1-State for All its Citizens
Nour   (01.03.17)
Equal Voting Rights
Equal Representation
Equal Responsibilities
Can't wait to visit my relatives in Acre, and go for regular hiking trips in Nablus.
10. olmert's water carrier
mort   (01.03.17)
who the hell would listen to this ignoramus who hides behind fences and withdraws at the honking of a strange car. Go visit your buddy in jail and spare israel with your bs. ynet and haaretz are trying their best to boot out bibi so they can install their hero. guess what-most of ynet and haaretz according to my memory are not active combat fighter s so they won't be defending israel on the battlefield in shrunken borders if they have their way.. it is like saying do we want eitan haber or lapid facing off hezbollah or bibi. I thought so.

israelis dont have to be sheep. vote for someone with some guts and ability. and if you vote for lapid-dont start crying after when rockets and tunnels flood in from west bank.
11. Hmmm
James ,   London   (01.03.17)
Dreadful Obama for abstaining. How many UN resolutions did the Republicans vote for. Specifically Reagan and Bush vote for? Not mentioned because kissing Trump's ass is the game. We all know why people dislike Obama. Not you poodle, am sure Trump will be.
12. Who needs enemies
tiki ,   belgium   (01.03.17)
When we have Zionists like Haim Ramon.
Go kiss the girls Haim.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (01.05.17)
14. # 9 Equal rights? Sure right after ALL Arab nations allow
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.07.17)
Jews and Christians to live in peace. As for the Arab pals
MOVE OUT OF JEWISH ISRAEL !! Your time is up!!
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