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Report ignored by state could grant Darfur refugees legal status in Israel
Yehuda Shohat
Published: 03.01.17, 23:44
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1. First come - first served
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (01.04.17)
I think we can take in a few - as long as they keep out of trouble, find a job and support themselves - I don't have a problem. When they start breaking and entering into homes to steal - that's when I think they need to be kicked out and back to where they came.
2. Whole Africa would flock to Israel,is it a solution to these
ab   (01.04.17)
lawyers ?
3. Persistence pays off eventually
Lois   (01.05.17)
a small step but not to every Darfuri whose hope and dreams might be answered
4. Israel has NO MORAL rights to reject ANY political refugee
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (01.09.17)
Camps for refugees that israel built - it is disgusting!
Not long ago jews were fleeing europe from rising nazism, but many have been rejected, mostly by US and Canada.
Israel is doing the same thing to refugees from African countries who escaped the wars and mass killings.
5. Report ignored by state could grant Darfur refugees legal st
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.09.17)
Welcome to the same idiocy that has caused so much mayhem and illegal immigration into Merkel's Germany and the basket case of Sweden.
A totally alien culture to be imported into Israel as if that nation does not have enough problems with Islam on its doorstep and a fifth column within its borders.
6. ironbutterfly, israel (09.01.17)
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.09.17)
The Jews were not escaping a civil war as in Sudan but a genocide based on race which is no way the situation in that awful country, controlled by war lords and different political factions with a lot of criminal elements thrown into the mix.
It is in no way the same.
They are economic migrants who have the whole of the African continent to find refuge; you are deluded if you believe that Israel represents their only salvation.
I fully understand that they wish for a better economic life bearing in mind how their neighbouring countries are generally corrupt but to flee to Israel is a step too far.
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