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Israel's 'flying car' passenger drone moves closer to delivery
Published: 03.01.17, 19:41
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1. Here come the Jetsons
Kiwi Girl ,   Auckland   (01.04.17)
Ever since I was a kid I've dreamed of a flying car like the cartoon characters had in 'The Jetsons', or the sci fi movie, 'the 5th Element'. Now it looks like that dream might come true in my lifetime-expensive now, but who knows in the future.. Am Israel Chai
2. Could be a life-saver for people trapped in hi-rise fires.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.04.17)
Make this thing bigger and able to take ten people at a time from burning high-rise buildings. A fleet of these things in NYC on 9/11 could have saved hundreds, if not thousands of people. Better late than never. Good work! Make it happen!

And for use on the battlefield, just imagine this thing protected by Trophy and carrying quad mini-guns or air-to-ground missiles: bad guys get vaporized before they know what hit them. It could hover over tunnel entrances and just drop napalm down the hole. Yeah, speed up the development- Hezbollah and Hamas need to be kept looking over their shoulders, especially that sloth Nasrallah.
3. a replacement for helicopter gunships ?
zionist forever   (01.04.17)
Arm it with missiles and cannons and potentially it could replace helicopter gunships like the Apache which would be a good thing as helicopters are much more vulnerable the missile fire than jets because they are slow and fly low. Something like this its unmanned so if it does get shot down you don't loose any pilots and the internal rotors potentially make it more durable than a helicopter with its external rotors.
4. The first for Israel !?
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.04.17)
Keep on trying hevre. The fiberglass-made Israeli car failed, the Lavi was scrapped, not counting attempts on products in-between. But this one actually looks from the picture like a flying prototype, so maybe something will come out of it? Maybe there will finally be an Israeli car and something flying also? The Chinese will buy one, you can bet on it.
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