US Congress votes to rebuke UN for 'anti-Israel' resolution
Associated Press
Published: 06.01.17, 09:17
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1. Proof that Powers and Obama abused the America people
Martin SA   (01.06.17)
Powers S stutter the Rrrepoblican and the Dddemoctratic party. This is the shame tha t country administration cant be relied on to to toe the ppparty line. Further abusive action / non action between 15th and 19th Jan Heaven forfend The dems need a wke up call if they are to be trusted in future
2. No surprise
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (01.06.17)
US and Israel against the rest of the world. Wonder how that will end.
3. David Hatau, FB
C   (01.06.17)
"sir rothschild has spoken. the true democratically elected 'world' POTUS."

david, you must think that there is a jew hidden under your bed giving
you nightmares.

you are convinced that the jews control the entire world. be careful
not to follow in the foot steps of herr hitler, who too, thought that
jews, the lowly jews, controlled the entire world, including the
united states. his delusions cost the lives of at least sixty million
4. Mohammed Basma, FB
C   (01.06.17)
I have noticed on many occasions that arab posters cannot refrain
from using vulgarities when righting about those they consider
their enemies. i am referring to your post about aipac.
5. Mark Sherry opines that the Useless Nations will ignore
C   (01.06.17)
there is nothing that the useless nations can do since they lack an
armed forces.

the ivory types think that the un is a truly important organization only
because its members and the ngo's so state.
yet the un has not been able to stop any war or resolve any
on occasion they can assist in humanitarian endeavors.
many conventions negotiated by the un are not signed or
ratified by major powers.
regardless of the idealism of the ivory tower, most major
powers are loath to give up any part of their sovereignty.
6. United States Congress, thank you for your support
C   (01.06.17)
we, the jewish people, know that the united states congress can be
counted on to support the sole jewish state in the world.

the sovereign jewish state of israel will always stand with the
united states in a mutually respectful and beneficial alliance.
israel will continue to help the united states in those areas
where she is so capable.
it must never be forgotten, among others, that israel prevented
iraq and syria from becoming nuclear powered states.
israel carried out those operations without causing civilian
casualties and without losing any aircraft or pilots.
these operations saved the lives of countless americans
and other allies.
unfortunately, the obama administration refused to let israel
take out iran's nuclear weapons program.
7. #2 Haider (not a Swedish name) Haider Haider Islamic chant
HowwillSweedenEnd? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.06.17)
The question is really how will Sweden End ? A nation that has
obviously decided to self destruct and let the "Haiders" of the Middle
East be its new occupiers who will repay the naïve Swedes insane hospitality
by turning it into a Third World Middle Eastern Hell Hole that's the
question that really needs to be asked How Will Haider's Sweden End"
8. The U.N. is irredeemably evil & must be defunded
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.17)
America supports the despicable U.N. to the tune of at least $8 billion annually, and the U.N. does absolutely nothing but harm to America and the Free World. The U.N. demonizes Israel, engages in global warming alarmism and plots to rule the world through creating a world government. All of these things are evil. The U.N. is irredeemably evil and must be totally defunded and kicked out of America, as ever increasing numbers of American leaders demand.
9. Haider, It looks like Sweden is approaching its end
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.06.17)
By every criteria in which the health of nations if judged, Sweden is falling apart. Its birth rate is far below replacement levels. Its culture is destroyed. It has surrendered its women and safety to violent foreigners... You'd better start worrying about your homeland.
10. U.N. Bigots
Jim ,   American   (01.06.17)
Just give us a little more time World, the Poopie Tank Truck is here and we are draining the holding tanks in Washington D.C. We have had a full tank of mis-guided people for the last 16 years. They have done a lot of damage to America, but we will try and fix it. Israel, we Love you and your People.
Yes, we drive Pickup trucks, carry a Gun,and the Bible in the other hand, and listen to Country and Western Music, and Darn Proud of it! Go Trump!
The Silent Majority
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