Iran planning to assassinate Israel supporters in Europe
Published: 08.01.17, 09:03
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1. Iran is premier terror exporter in the world
C   (01.08.17)
the genocidal shia terror regime of iran has been the premier exporter
of terror world wide since 1979.

the shia terror regime has never had to pay the consequences for their
dastardly acts.
to the contrary, they have just been rewarded by the obama regime
which has legitimized the regime and its nuclear weapons program.
obama has lifted all sanctions on the shia terror regime thus
giving that regime over a hundred billion dollars to spend on
conventional and nuclear weapons.
obama has sent 1.7 billion dollars in cash to iran to secure for
iran will continue to fund, arm and train its terror proxies hezbollah,
hamas, and all shia terror groups in the middle east.
the shia terror regime has close ties with the north korean
regime from which it receives technical assistance in constructing
icbm's and nuclear warheads.
iran has agents and spies in numerous south american countries
for the purpose of terror attacks on the us.
the shia terror regime of iran is an impeccable enemy of the
united states and of its allies.
this genocidal, holocaust denying regime has stated numerous
times that its goal is to wipe the jewish state off of the earth.
2. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (01.08.17)
so you admit that iran has a working nuclear weapons program.
3. Mark Sherry is a busy body and miserable human being
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.08.17)
4. Israel should make a counter threat to Iran
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (01.08.17)
If Iran targets or threatens to target pro-Israeli voices across the globe, then Israel should threaten Iran with complete annihilation. "Either you leave these people alone or Iran will cease to exist". Tough words but they probably will work. Iran threatens Israel with annihilation everyday so don't quite understand why Israel can'make a counter threat.
5. Alexander, Tel Aviv (08.01.17)
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.08.17)
No need as any Mullah of note or so called Revolutionary Guard top knob is already in the cross hairs of the Shin Bet plus all the others that threaten Israel with a special attention given to Nazrallah.
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