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Israel must not lose Eisenkot
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 10.01.17, 23:29
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1. let IDF legal system work without his prejudgments
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (01.11.17)
2. I wouldn't miss Eisenkot
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.17)
He's an insensitive man who is completely devoid of human emotion - thank God my kids have been in and out of the army. I wouldn't be happy if they had to go now with The Terminator running the show,
3. The civilians quack. The terrorists kill. Next...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.10.17)
4. Eisenkott
Sarah ,   Afula   (01.11.17)
General Eisenkott, stay steadfast, this game is usually a bluff. That is to say, "they" may try to cause you to resign rather than do the deed himself.
5. Fascist "public opinion"
Stan ,   Israel   (01.11.17)
Don't be fooled by all the excuses invented by the defense council. Azaria grew up in a nationalistic home in a society which is becoming increasingly nationalistic. He said, immediately after the shooting, that the terrorist who had been shot six times, must be killed. The message that all terrorists must be killed, has been fed to the public in recent years by rabbis and right wing politicians.
Public opinion helped foster anti-Semitic atrocities in Russia and Ukraine more than one hundred years ago as well as the attacks on Jews and Jewish property in Germany 80 years ago.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.10.17)
7. this whole affair is distressing
C   (01.11.17)
the young soldier showed poor judgment.
on the other hand, the hysteria surrounding his
indictment and trial are detrimental to
it is not possible to fight terror with purity of arms.
nor do the laws of war apply to illegal combatants.
since the damage has already been done,
he should receive a relatively short sentence and
later be pardoned.
8. Azaria is a hero and not a criminal
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (01.12.17)
It's people like Azaria that keep Israel's 6.5 million Jews safe. It's because of people like Azaria that Jews can safely live in Israel because our national defence defends our country against enemies whose explicitly stated intention is to massacre our people and destroy our country.

IDF soldiers need to be given both the legal underpinnings and the moral support of the people to immediately take out terrorists and end their lives on the battlefield so that they can't cause anymore harm to Jewish lives.

It's not sufficient that our soldiers have our moral support. The law must explicitly say in writing that IDFsoldiers have a 100% legally justified right to immediately exterminate any threat on the battlefield - be it an individual terrorist or a group of terrorists or enemy soldiers representing a foreign country, or Israeli citizens or foreign citizens acting strangely or violently.

Any threat must be immediately dealt with without delay. Israel and IDF need deterrence and our enemies must pay an excruciatingly high price when and if they decide to attack Jews and Israelis.

And as far as the political and legal establishments of Israel are concerned: just like the American political establishment is infested with morally and legally corrupt traitors, who are usually Left leaning and politically motivated to harm America, so is the Israeli "elite" motivated to harm our country.

Just like the American people voted for Trump and just like the British people voted for Brexit, the Israeli/Jewish people needs to destroy the establishment once and for all, and return the political power to the people.

The problems we see in Israel are contingent on an error of an epic scale, in our political and legal system. Eisenkot and the court in Tel Aviv are just the tip of the iceberg. This is a consistent and systematic occurence in Israel, which not only makes Israel look weak in the eyes of our enemies and emboldens them to attack us, but the very nature of our morally and legally corrupt system endangers the very democracy and the very rights of the individual and the national rights of the Jewish people in Israel.

Azaria is a hero, but the establishment people are the ones who belong in jail. Not all estabishment people in Israel are "bad" but many are, and just like Washington's political swamp of corruption amd high treason must be drained, so must our system be drained of corruption and high treason.
9. Replace Eisenkot with someone who stands up for IDF
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.13.17)
Israel should definitely lose "Eisenkot" in his current position. He needs to be replaced by someone who stands up for IDF soldiers. Rather than sacrificing our brave, selfless soldiers to the stinking winds of political correctness.

As for the threat of dragging Israel to the ICC: Sooner or later that will happen anyway. Israel could muster strongest legal team in history to destroy ICC charges. People of Alan Dershowitz's calibre would lead our legal team.
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