Four IDF soldiers murdered in terror attack in Jerusalem's East Talpiot
Roi Yanovasky, Omri Efraim
Published: 08.01.17, 16:32
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1. attentat
le nouen ,   la seyne sur mer   (01.08.17)
quand on voit le commentaire d'un arabe plus haut on comprend mieux que dans mon pays la france ils sont rejetés et dans nos quartiers bien qu'ils soient nombreux on ne les voit jamais car non acceptés par les autres habitants triste pour les arabes et le monde arabe Un de mes neveux a épousé une musulmane' leur fils a été baptisé et s'appelle william pour ne pas que l'on devine ces origines triste
2. President Rivlin: PARDON the IDF soldier who neutralized a
Rivkah   (01.08.17)
terrorist but was convicted of a crime! I am surprised after that conviction that the IDF would neutralize a terrorist since they are no longer protected from prosecution for giving the terrorist what the terrorist wants: death and eternity in Muslim hell.
3. How long will we, the citizens, agree to be future "victims
of peace"?! Time for a revolution, overturn this government, install a patriotic Junta and get a permanent divorce from the islamist scum in our midst. - Just fantasy born out of knowledge, that nothing good will come out the continuation of Big & small lies.
4. Terrorists are cowards - they don't know how
barbara ,   Haifa   (01.08.17)
to fight against armed enemy - so they kill and harm innocents.
5. Shame on the israeli elites cearting these opportunities
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (01.08.17)
This way the human rights 'activists' can celebrate the souls of our state... the mainstream media, the judicary and all other lefties seem to agree with the jewhaters in europe and ramallh. Shame on the hatred and destruction they spread on the jewish peopl, just to pet themseleves on the shoulder.
The soul of the jews is lost when we cooperate with the ones wanting to destroy us for fake values by elitist living in ivory towers funded by taxes raised from the ones butchered!
Shame on the israeli elites
6. direct result of the azaria court judgement
earl   (01.08.17)
some people said the court judgement would encourage arab terror as terror would interpret it as more restriction on the idf. though azaria cannot be an executioner but a soldier following proper orders, the state of israel cannot survive if it fights in a restricted one arm tied behind its back. moreover, the icc does not understand that in asymmetric wars against a more numerous enemy, you cannot fight though the court made the correct judgement in weighing the evidence and credibility, nothetheless, they have the blood of this new terror incident on their heads. the idf cannot be perceived as a pacifist armed force and that it is.
Robert ,   Israel   (01.08.17)
And we still believe in coexistance.
We must be crazy !!!
8. yeah
miaje ,   haifa   (01.08.17)
Please refer to the people as soldiers to stay objective, they are not ordinary citizens
please end the occupation, this is the only way people of god will live in pease, amen
9. Stop "neutralizing" terrorists
Avi L.   (01.08.17)
Until terrorist doesn't surrender clearly and univocally, beyond any doubt, action must be prosecuted.

No more Azaria, no more doubt, no more fashlot.
10. "United Jerusalem"
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.08.17)
Israel must immediately separate itself from 250-300 000 muslim enemies who live in east Jerusalem,a united Jerusalem is a dream come true for Hamas,arabs can load up a track with bombs,and trawel anywhere in the country,or use a track to mow down people,after the separation Israel must build a wall as high and as soon as possible,the situation today is worse than it was before June 67.when the Arab Legion used to fire on the city from the east,today the enemy is a Israel citizen from east Jerusalem free to go anywhere with the help of demagogic politicians,who scream all the time,"United Jerusalem" those "patriots"will destroy the nation if there is no separation.
11. will the police prosecute these arab facebook commentors?
Gimme a Break ,   Jlem   (01.08.17)
I just read a few facebook comments on this that are quite inciting and calling for violence... I'm not holding my breath on the police calling any of them in for questioning
12. pplauding east jerusalem terror attacks
geroge   (01.08.17)
anyone clapping or cheering the east jeruslame terror attack should be arrested and thrown in jail.

as for gantz and his worry about israelis society, he should worry about conducting an effective gaza operation and not the anemic almost useless one that he oversaw most reluctantly.
13. truck ramming
iraj   (01.08.17)
cadets or other armed israelis-you see a truck ramming people-take out your gun and shoot. never mind about eisencott, or the azaria judges. fire on the truck rammer. if the state prosecutes you, there will be many to help you. save your fellow citizens by taking out truck rammer instead of thinking about whether your commander would approve of your actions.
14. Deliberately killing a stabber who lies incapacitated
N ,   N   (01.08.17)
... on the ground is very different from shooting at a truck driver in train of targeting pedestrians.
Of course it cost them some seconds to decide whether this is an attack or an accident but it would be bad if serious vehicular accidents would instantly be considered as deliberate attacks and the drivers immediately shot.
15. shin bet is the biggest fail in this?
eppo   (01.08.17)
16. Obama should be ashamed!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.08.17)
It's no wonder that, after the encouragement these bloody terrorists got from the recent UN decision condemning Israeli presence in East Jerusalem, new terrorist attacks would start happening. Shame on you Obama! You are partly responsible for what has just happened!
17. Erase Jihadist symbol on Temple Mount. Rebuild Jewish Temple
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (01.08.17)
18. The conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria is a threat to Israel
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (01.08.17)
The conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria is a threat to law and order, our freedom, independenc and sovereignty and national security. The conviction sets a precedent for future legal cases, IDF soliders are afraid of opening firebecause of the possible legal consequences, and because of the IDF soldiers' fear, Arab terrorists are killing Jews on Israel's streets - and the Arabs celebate on the streets.

The Israeli court who decided to convict Sgt. Elor Azaria should lose their legal right to practice their profession and be placed in jail - lifeime imprisonment, and IAF should turn the entire Gaza Strip into heap of rubble or a crater due to the horrid Arab celebrations.
19. all realations and friends of truck rammer
manny   (01.08.17)
all relations and friends of truck rammer should be taken in for exhaustive questionning. if any of them involved even remotely in the truck rammer conception and planning of the attack, then they should be charged and jailed.

the idf has to do a better job of training new recruits cause if it is true-what the hll is this business of running away rather than draw guns and fire at the rammer!!!!
20. Death penalty
Talula   (01.08.17)
We must have the death penalty. Dead men can kill innocence!!!!!!!
21. rules of engagement need to be changed
C   (01.08.17)
soldiers must be allowed to neutralized terrorists in all circumstances.

terrorists are not part of a legally constituted army.
terrorists are illegal combatants.
terrorists do not benefit from the protections of the laws of war.

the elites in the government and in the press who continue to
preach that we must be better than the terrorists talk
first, we are better than terrorists. we do not mow down innocent
people with trucks or blow them up or stab them, all done
second, the terrorists have declared war on the civilized world.
they did so decades ago. they use terror tactics by which they
try to murder as many innocents as possible.
these islamic terrorists do not believe in respecting international
laws or the laws of war.
we cannot fight and defeat definitively islamic terror by having
our hands tied by elitists who want to feel good about themselves.
22. Why are the soldiers running away when they have guns?
Rich ,   Toronto   (01.09.17)
23. Ah shucks, I was hoping to read Mark Sherry's 'explanation'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (02.03.17)
of how another pal terrorist is justified.. Guess he can't pry himself loose from his pet goat.
Poor goat.
24. # 18 Alexander too bad
that Azaria didn't shoot the same bastard that hit and ran after murdering people.
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