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Serving faithfully: US religious girls in the Israeli army
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.01.17, 23:44
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1. Faithfully and despite the Orthodox faith.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.10.17)
These great women will not ride buses at the back, will not tolerate spitting from aggressive males, will not cross the street to let some beards clad in ancient rags pass by. These women are achievers who carry out their plans in life, their dreams and ambitions. These women can and will do whatever they want, often in spite of the Rabbinical Court. They will pray wherever they decide at the Kotel and If they will will want to marry in Cyprus they should. I hope they will stay in Israel after their service and will continue changing the atmosphere and the laws of the country.
2. One-sided article
Yosef Kerman   (01.11.17)
This article is quite one-sided. With all respect to women who want to contribute to Israel, this article never mentioned the reasoning of those who prohibit women to serve in the army. As part of the law of "beged ish", it is forbidden according to Halacha for women to carry weapons, just as women can't wear men's clothes and men can't wear women's clothing.
3. As well intentioned as the females in the IDF and USmilitary
Rivkah   (01.17.17)
are, they disrupt male bonding and do not have the physical strength (bone density) of males. Even as US Navy hospital corpspersons, females are a problem, unable to lift a patient onto a gurney unless it is a child or small woman. That delays treatment since someone else has to be sent to the home or wherever just to lift a person onto a gurney to get the patient into the ambulance to go to the hospital.
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