Terrorist's sister: 'It's the most beautiful martyrdom'
Elior Levy
Published: 08.01.17, 21:39
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1. The terrorist
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.08.17)
Sick, sick, sick..what a dreadful creature and his sister plus Hamas are proud and happy with the brave act of destroying the lives of 3 young women and a man.
I suggest that the killer's sibling should now be subject to the full force of justice for what amounts to her encouragement of this cowardly act.
The distribution of sweets by the idiotic Gazans one may only hope that they choke on them.
This is an act of war and a low key response is not sufficient as previous so called relevant actions has not proven a deterrent
2. mr
attila ,   toronto   (01.08.17)
all I can say: SHAME ON YOU ISRAELI LEADERS AND PEOPLE, to tolerate these kind of atrocities! what happened to NEVER AGAIN, OR AN EYE FOR AN EYE? or do you think the "world" will love you for letting those savage barbarians keep murdering you?
Tell me son ,what would you like to be when you blow up?
4. Remind me again, why giving you a country is a good idea.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.08.17)
5. islamists love martyrdom while the jews love the laws of war
C   (01.08.17)
as long as we jews and the rest of the west love the laws of war more
than the lives of our children, the islamists will continue their
attacks on our people and our way of life.

they have already managed to change significantly our way of life.
they have also managed to divide us, even within our country.
they openly pray on the streets of paris, while saudi is closed
to all infidel prayer.

during wwii the allies bombed indiscriminately. they did so because
the mustachioed madman refused to stop fighting.
citizens of enemy states were not allowed into allied countries.

today, citizens of enemy states are allowed into all western countries
and trump is called a fascist for wanting to keep some out.

we try by all means to protect enemy civilians, even at the cost of
endangering our own children.
6. How to stop this.
Barton Brass ,   peabody, MA   (01.08.17)
This is a great example of why terrorist's immediate families should be penalized. Jailing them would put a stop to this destroying the house is nothing.If a terrorist knows their family will be jailed or have to go into hiding that would be a very strong deterrent however society has no recourse.
7. donald trump
eli   (01.09.17)
trump says you have to hold the famiily to account. Is he wrong? Suppose the truck rammer cares about his sister.

IDF soldiers even in israel should always have some members with guns ready and guarding the group. Those few seconds could save lives.

Yaalon, Eisencott, gantz, mofaz, and ashkenazi worry about israeli values and use of proper force. If an idf soldier had shot the truck rammer in the act, would they say that he was negligent?
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