Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
East Talpiot attack inspired by Ramallah, imitated Berlin
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 08.01.17, 23:42
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1. Nation that fails to protect its citizens is doomed
ThreR-NOroadblocks ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.10.17)
At the moment and yesterday there were NO road blocks traffic from
that hostile village flowed freely as it does tonight
Residents no longer use the local Post Office Bank or supermarket
as they are flooded with residents from Jabal Mukaber preferring
to go to the city center for business and shopping despite the horrendous
bus service to the neighborhood The local Petrol station in the heart
of the neighborhood is also an alternative club meeting place for
the same Arab youth that kill us even the dentist and the pharmacists
her are Arabs we are already part of "Palestine" Disgusting how
the neighborhood has been thrown to the dogs while the cocktails
flow in Tel Aviv and Caesarea
2. Tayelet unpleasant in the evening
annie Joseph ,   jerusalem   (01.10.17)
@Joseph Brien 'Right .And in Shabbat too .I have stopped walking there .I feel uneasy .And the new railings ,how sad ! Happy Teddy Kollek does not see it.
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