Opinion  Alex Fishman
No ‘Azaria effect’ in East Talpiot attack
Alex Fishman
Published: 09.01.17, 10:22
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1. Time to train the jobnikim like US Marines...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (01.09.17)
Over there everyone is in the crosshairs. Israelis are spoiled with their comfortable urban culture, luxurious coffee shops, and the Arabs take advantage of it.
2. unbelievable....
attila ,   toronto   (01.09.17)
if today's Israel would have existed in 1948....there would have never been a ISRAEL! not because of the heroic, patriotic people of Israel, but because of the (mostly) totally useless, self-serving, spineless leadership there. just look at what happened to lieberman since he became a "minister"......don't blame the kids...blame the ones suppose to lead them.
3. Well written, til the last sentence
Avinoam   (01.09.17)
Seriously? Linking the possible US Embassy move to the attack is as nonsensical as linking Azaria to the response.
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