Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Israeli foolishness is making terror attacks possible
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 09.01.17, 18:59
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1. About time somebody made this point!
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.17)
Thank you, Ben-Dror Yemini, for making a point that should be obvious to all residents of the city but seems to evade the minds of those championing the continuation of the reunified or 'united' Jerusalem that Israel has exerted control over since 1967.

Under the current state of affairs, Arab/Palestinian/East Jerusalem (at least the inward parts, beyond the old city) are no-go areas for Jews on parallel with Ramallah, Jenin, or any other Area A city in the West Bank. The culture, food, people, and political outlook are staunchly Palestinian and deeply hostile towards Israel.

(It should also be pointed out that this is not a two way street: Arabs can and do walk the streets of West Jerusalem mostly unscathed..).

Israel has an uncomfortable decision on its hands as to what to do with these areas over the long-run. But surely there is no security logic to continuing to keep these areas 'within' the Israeli side of the security fence and the rest of the Arab-controlled West Bank on the other.
2. Thr real follnishness
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (01.09.17)
to leave this Arabs village around Jerusalem thanks to Moshe Dayan.
3. DEPORT THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.09.17)
4. islamic terror is world wide
C   (01.09.17)
islamic terror is supported and nurtured by islamic states.

it is taught in mosques, in madrassas, on television, on social media.
5. ben dror- the arabs dont want you in tel aviv
ray   (01.09.17)
ben dror seems to be blind thinking a wall and separation willl solve most of the terror. the arabs don't want you in tel aviv so after they get east jeruslme, it is on to tel aviv. only a pacifist like you and ramon could advocate run and hide. you are going to have to take a stand somewhere so you might as well start here.

lieberman proposed a loyalty oath and its time has come. anyone who cannnot take it or violates it should be booted out of the country.

all ben dror herzog, lapid and livni say is run, separation barrier and life will be much better-really? ask the million south israelis whether life is better!

the problem is difficult. feiglin has the answer. it will not be solved by holding hands over a campfire. ben dror-enlist in the idf and quit hiding out in critics clothers.

the bar lev line of 1973 shows how fences do not provide real protection.
6. The "Palestinians" must leave our Homeland!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.10.17)
It is past time for Israel to stop playing games. "Palestinians" have been our mortal foes since long before Israel was established. The "Palestinian" Mufti was a close ally of the Nazis. "Palestinians" must leave our sole tiny Homeland. Enough is enough. Israel needs to adopt rational carrot and stick incentives to foster massive "Palestinian" departure.

An estimated 20,000 "Palestinians" are leaving our land without incentives. With incentives, we could get this number up to hundreds of thousands annually.
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