IDF: ‘We'll turn Hamas tunnels into their death trap'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.01.17, 13:48
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1. Hamas must be defeated totally
C   (01.12.17)
the sovereign jewish state of israel cannot accept being constantly threatened
by an islamic terror group.
a total defeat of hamas will most likely cause quite a few civilian casualties,
but this is the price that must be paid.
2. Erastus CoupeDeville, FB
C   (01.12.17)
hezbollah and hamas are still around because israel fights with hands tied.
if israel were to fight as the allies fought in wwii, those terror groups
would be eliminated.
3. mar
moishe   (01.12.17)
Israel military will win because they have smarter people. will use opportunity to develop new arms and methods. unfortunately some Israelis will be injured and some will die. resources could be spent in better ways to benefit all. Israel is dealing with stupid people. sad.
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