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Jerusalem to get $50 million arts center
Tsachi Miri/TPS
Published: 12.01.17, 18:07
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1. But we already have a center for the performing arts!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (01.12.17)
Yes we do, The Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts next door to the president's residence.
2. Art center in Jerusalem
annie joseph ,   jerusalem   (01.12.17)
3. Will Haredim in Jerusalem acquire culture some day?
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.13.17)
When that happens the Mea Shaarim will finally become a place worthy of visiting. It's worthy much more than 50 million to achieve that.
4. Need More Traditional Jews in center of Jerusalem
ReligousJewsBuy ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.17)
There needs to be a concerted effort for Traditional and other types
of Religious Jews to buy downtown property especially residential
and rental .Only Demographics work in this country as the Left
is fanatically dedicated to Socially Engineering the people of Jerusalem
and ( the country ) into accepting their anarchistic cultural norms.
Only a majority center city of residents that are a majority religious
can prevent this .
5. The dangerous Mayor of Jerusalem
DangerousMayor ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.22.17)
The current Mayor is insidious playing every game in town but his
real agenda is to socially engineer the city from a world renowned
center of Religious values to a copy of the worst of Tel Aviv and
its anarchistic cultural "values" The National Religious Public
has neglected taking part in the leadership of this city because
of fear of the Haredim this has only backfired beware the current
Mayor is no more than a Leftist Plant his Kippa comes and goes
off his head like someone changing their socks he fools no one
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