UN ambassador warns of 'further anti-Israel measures'
Published: 13.01.17, 20:44
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1. "Palestinians" try to harm us in every conceivable way...
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.13.17)
Yet Israel's government refuses to treat "Palestinians" as the mortal foes they are. The mad flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits etc. to the terrorist P.A. continues. It is time to end the madness!
2. UN cannot create new states or determine borders of sovereig
C   (01.13.17)
per the united nations charter, the un cannot create new states, nor can
it determine unilaterally the borders of a sovereign state.

3. Republicans reportedly preparing bill to defund UN
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.13.17)
Every good person should support such a bill. With Republicans holding the House, Senate and presidency, it would have a great chance of passing.
4. Short of flying a Swastika flag the UN can hardly surprise !
5. Who really thinks the UN will be around by years end?
BBB   (01.14.17)
The UN is skating on thin ice.
Trump may very well end all funding for the UN and the pals.
The UN has become the 'Muslim terrorists best friend.'
Why? Because every Muslim hovel containing two or more Muslim hovels has a vote in the UN.
Time to shut down the worlds worst experiment in history as it's become the mouth piece for more mad cow Muslim disease.
7. Every knock is a boost.
BBB   (01.14.17)
Thanks to the anti semitic UN Israel will BUILD until ALL the land of Israel is built for Jews !!!
8. # 3 AMEN
BBB   (01.14.17)
from your lips to G-ds ears. He's Jewish you know.
9. Michael
BBB   (01.14.17)
pals are not natives to Israel and are more than welcome to go back to Arabia, Jordan or whatever Muslim hovel that they came from
10. # 1 Chaim AMEN BUDDY !!
BBB   (01.14.17)
Do unto others as they've done to you, pals first.
Hope the pals know how to build coffins, lots of coffins or, they could go home to Arabia or Jordan.
11. What?
WHAT? ,   Los Angeles   (01.15.17)
The U.N. is afraid of Trump as they should be. The U.S. will defend Israel no matter what the U.N. declares. We will also move our embassy to Jerusalem.
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