Paris peace conference: Wrong message, wrong time, wrong place
Ron Prosor
Published: 15.01.17, 23:34
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1. the intimidation conference
C   (01.15.17)
the sole purpose of this conference of islam and mostly europe, plus
obama, was to intimidate, harm, diminish, delegitimize the sole
jewish state of israel.
2. Fix Gaza First
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (01.16.17)
Obama, Kerry, France, EU and all the other goons in the picture are happy to move on leaving disaster upon disaster in their wake without even batting an eyelid to look back at what they have brought about.
Take Gaza which now is a completely failed jihadist state which the goons insisted Israel needed to immediately pull out of and end its occupation so that the Arabs there could get on with establishing a democratic state that Israel and the Jews were preventing from be realized- yeah right.
3. It's 1919 all over again.
Essie HaKohane ,   USA   (01.16.17)
After WWI, The UK, France and the USA convened to determine the world's borders without almost any input from the countries whose borders they were redrawing. They thought that this new world order will bring eternal peace on this planet.
France is doing it once again nearly 100 years later without any input from the involved parties. A horrific outcome will only be in the making. Won't the world ever learn from past mistakes?
And multiply.
6. a shopping week-end in Paris
tiki ,   belgium   (01.15.17)
And that's the most important outcome for the honorable ladies & gentlemen participants to this Sunday Peace Farce.

The members of the International Community is having a rally among themselves of who can be the most 'outspoken party against Israel.

The EU boycotts of the 'occupied territories', Cultural boycotts against Israeli Universities & professors, individual political leaders having a go at Israel, UN, UNSC, HRW, UNESCO, UN health organisation, Obama, Kerry & Paris.

And the result?

They raised their glass, took a piss....... and everything stayed the way it was.
7. ron prosor on paris conference
tomer ,   jerusalem   (01.16.17)
dear Mr. Prosor,
despite the fact that you are an able writer ,wrapping the issue of the paris
conference in a "culinary" word salad , i wonder what you tried to say besides
the facts which are already known.
I agree that the direct peace talks have to be restarted .
Taking into consideration the more than "shaky" situation both leaders (netanyahu and abbas) are in it seems difficult to see who can do it.
I would recommend that the palestians call on Mr.Trump at first his first day in office and tell him :" Mr.president ,we the palestians are ready,without any pre-conditions ,to start talking to the israeli PM at any venue chosen."
Mr.Trump, a self proclaimed staunch supporter of Israel, will be happy to
a) call the israeli PM and arrange for direct negotiations (and in the same time will be able to check how serious our PM is) and b) Mr .Trump would come out "big time" as the one who restarted the "peace talks" at "day one " in office. Simply as that .

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