Firebrand sheikh released from Israeli prison
Hasan Shaalan
Published: 17.01.17, 14:16
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1. "FIrebrand" What a sympathetic Article to this Racist
LeftistMediaWkilUs ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.17.17)
"Firebrand" is a sympathetic term used for rebels of just causes not
this piece of racist garbage How lovely the photos of this "journalist"
of him and his smiling family , No matter how they try to sell us
UM Al Fahm is part of us the nation knows it needs to separate from
it. The journalist is part of the Post Zionist Self Loathing Leftist
Media that has great sympathy for the plans of the Sheikh the
destruction of the State of Israel is it any wonder the Israeli
Jewish population deserts the media by the millions.
2. israeli court finishing hitler's work
jim   (01.17.17)
the isreli legal system bends over backwards for individual rights and every conceivable loophole at the expense of the survivablility of the state. israeli blood is on the heads of the court as they continue releasing 200% terror kilers or abettors rwhen the personal families of judges are harmed or killed will judges wakeup to the fact the security of the state should trump individual rights.

they give deri and olmert as slap on the wrist and now release salah. what a rotten despicable court.
3. We need to clean out our Court-stables: it stinks!!!
4. "Peace talks" with monsters who celebrate murdering us!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.17.17)
Israel's mortal "Palestinian" foes can be expected to maim and murder us every chance they get. That is their nature. It is who they are. It is what they have done since long before Israel was established. They will never surprise us. "Palestinians" are totally predictable.

However, the Israeli government's treatment of these monsters defies human sanity and intelligence. As "Palestinians" rally in huge numbers to pledge to murder us, Israel's government begs them to "talk peace" with us and hints we will give them more of our sole tiny Homeland. We need to stop this madness once and for all and treat "Palestinians" as the mortal foes they are. They must go!
5. How cute to teach little kids to 'sacrifice our lives....'
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.17.17)
This is brainwashing of the kids- "We will sacrifice our lives for al-Aqsa! Who teaches these kids this drivel?

Too bad the pathetic PA 'leaders' and imams don't teach and preach "Get the best education you can, stay in school, make something of yourselves!"

Instead they teach "Throw away your lives in this endless attempt to remove Israel from dar al-Islam." Instead of producing doctors, engineers, nurses, electricians, computer programmers, building professionals, etc., they produce uneducated, easily brainwashed buffoons who willingly throw away their lives at the request of their imams and leaders.

Are there no Arabs that have minds of their own? I know there are. They are the ones that DO become educated and successful members of society.

Salah, with his grandfatherly smile, sends Arab kids into the sewer of mediocrity, spending their youth learning to hate Israel instead of learning to make something of themselves.

You wonder what a PA state will look like? Multiply Salah's entourage by a million. A million people who would rather shake their fists at Israel instead of making something of themselves and making something of 'Palestine.'

Salah is not a danger to Israel- Israel will survive and thrive. Salah is a danger to the Arab people who listen to him and willingly throw away their lives and the lives of their children.
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