Trump's UN nominee to blast world body over Israel
Published: 18.01.17, 11:48
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1. What a refreshing change from Muslim oybama!!!
BBB   (01.18.17)
I seriously doubt the UN will still exist in one year, if it does, it wont be in New York.
2. Mark Sherry FB: Nicky Haley will try to ban the Russian flag
is my guess since banning flags is her M.O. when there is a problem, like banning the Confederate Battle Flag in response to a killer adorning himself with it in a photo. She will attack the flag of anything that offends her, not having a sane mind to discern the issues. Hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers died under the Confederate Battle Flag who did not own slaves (less than 1% of Confederates owned slaves) but who fought and died over unfair taxation of the South by the Yankee controlled federal government. She is a village idiot and will show her village idiot streak in dealing with problems at the U.N.
3. This is a bad appointment but at least her State is getting
Rivkah   (01.19.17)
rid of her. She is from India, the daughter of immigrants, and does not understand US history. She attacked the Confederate Battle Flag and wanted it banned because Dylann Roof liked that flag and he is a convicted mass murderer. Hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers who did NOT own slaves (fewer than 1% of the Confederacy owned slaves) who fought and died under that battle flag to oppose unfair taxation of Southern States by Northern States in unfair federal legislation against the South. The slave issue was not a factor in the US Civil War until far into the war when President Lincoln needed more support for the war. The South should have been allowed to withdraw from the Union like Britain has withdrawn from the E.U., peacefully. I hope Texas withdraws from the USA since it has a clause in its agreement to join the Union to be able to withdraw if that becomes necessary. Nicky Haley has no understanding of American history and hates the Confederate Battle Flag wrongly. Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Does that mean all that is Roman Catholic like crucifix crosses should be banned like Governor Nicky Haley banned the Confederate Battle Flag? She is psychotic and is not a good choice for Governor or UN Ambassador.
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