Obama sends Palestinians $221 million during last hours as president
Associated Press
Published: 23.01.17, 23:45
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1. MD
Christian Garnier ,   Geneva   (01.24.17)
Most probably will end up in the pocket of Hamas leaders as most of the money pretending to go for palestinian people ! or perhaps part will be later given back to him personally ! with this guy you never know and will never know what he was up to ! and the bad news is that he stays in DC
2. leaving office with Trump's foot in his liberal keyster
Cameron   (01.24.17)
Good riddance to you, mate.
3. Throwing taxpayer money into the toilet.
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.24.17)
Amazing. Not only does he allow the US to screw Israel at the UN, he gives away 220 million bucks to a regime that incites its people to demonize Israel and rewards them for killing Israelis! Has this man no decency at all??

This money needs to be returned to the US Treasury, where it belongs, and not into the corrupt hands of Abbas and ilk.

Trump should cancel the disbursement immediately.
4. But why, we know perfectly well who Obama is/was!? He needed
not waste additional American funds to stick it to Bibi/Jews....
5. This Obama guy was absolutely "outa sight"-on morning of 20
Alan ,   SA   (01.24.17)
January !!!!!!?????? He was working right up to 1 minute before midday.....$221 million-its unbelievable
6. Obama was just following the orders of his controllers
Rich ,   Toronto   (01.24.17)
and those controllers are Jews.
7. little emperor clings to his fading power
C   (01.24.17)
he cannot resurrect his fading legacy.
8. The money in US would have been wasted on the elderly,vets,
Alan ,   SA   (01.24.17)
education and the sick and disadvantaged

So he genuinely believed it was better to send it to pay salaries and cash payments to killers and widows of killers in that place called Palystine!
9. Obama sends Palestinians $221 million during last hours as p
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (01.24.17)
Well he had to ensure that Abbas had a sufficient pension commensurate with his compliance of keeing faith with Obam's dead in the water 2 state solution, after all that is only fair that the PA unelected leader who has refused to comply with their own mandate of further elections.
10. It's time for Netanyahu to give Obama secret intel to Trump
Steve Benassi   (01.24.17)
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