Lieberman and Netanyahu approve 2,500 housing units in West Bank
Ynet reporters & AP
Published: 24.01.17, 22:47
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1. Now is time for UNLIMITED Judea/Samaria building!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.24.17)
The evil Obama administration is now history. America's new government is far more friendly towards Israel. But even if this wasn't the case, this land is ours, and we must claim all of it. Now is the time for UNLIMITED Judea and Samaria building! No more homage to the evil fiction of "Palestine".
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (01.24.17)
3. Dr.
Ron Meyers ,   Tiveria   (01.24.17)
I would prefer we use only the historically accurate names for Judea and Samaria rather than the name others use for these geographical areas.
4. Only 13% of ALL of Judea and Samaria is settled by anyone!
87%barrenHills ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.24.17)
After a recent tour of the Benjamin Regional Council area I was overwhelmed
to see that it was almost entirely barren until you come to the route 60 area
but on either side it is almost entirely barren rocky hills and learned that
only 13% of the entire disputed areas the "Territories West Bank Judea
and Samaria" are settled by anyone Arab or Jew everything is concentrated
in the center around rout 60 ! 87% is barren ! Go and see for yourselves
the problem is most in the media have never been there or most of anywhere else other than the cafes on Rothschild Boulevard and are
not cable of providing the public with educated information too comfortable
sitting in the Tel Aviv Cafes Tragically 60% of Israeli Jews are crammed
into the narrow strip along the coastal area into a dangerous Jewish
Ghetto while only a few miles away they could have quality of life
the biggest joke is the term "Greater Israel" hello only 50 miles wide
from the Mediterranean to the Jordanian border an average daily
commute for most in the Western World.
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