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American Jews’ declining attachment to Israel
The Media Line
Published: 28.01.17, 10:41
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1. Retired
jason ,   Laredo   (01.28.17)
I was very interested in moving to Haifa. I got no help from Nefesh....less from the Jewish Agency.
Even a very, very bad business does a better job of winning over a willing client than does Israel.
2. Most US Jews are intermarried or their children or
Raisin Bread ,   NYC   (01.28.17)
their grandchildren are so they have been waking away from being Jewish for decades. Almost zero US Jews know any Hebrew to speak of, so have almost zero connection with any form of Israeli culture, secular or religious. Even Yeshiva and Orthodox Day School graduates know little spoken Hebrew above a small child.
3. Israel is composed of many nations, not just Judah (Israel)
Rivkah   (01.28.17)
in the Middle East. The USA is Josef, the hammer of the whole earth in Scriptures and it is Manasseh son of Josef who was told he would become a great nation. GB and the Commonwealth is Ephraim. Scandinavia and northern Europe if the Tribe of Dan. France is Reuben. Jews are not less interested in Israel, greater Israel, since most live in greater Israel.
What is the difference between american jewry and President Trump? The presidents' grandchildren will be jews.
5. Bad as the Rabbinate is, trust me: it's not THAT that is the
crux of this matter. It is the debilitating predisposition of our "Amerikanishe" brethren to identify with any and everything "progressive/liberal and nauseatingly Politically Correct that floats around . We/they want oh-so-much to show our enlightened, Shoah-informed opposition to anything "bad" in this world, that in most cases they are siding with the most vile of the Arab/Muslim antisemites. As result they remain clueless & vote Obama (TWICE!!!!)
6. "Jewish" is for the masochist.
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.28.17)
Drop the nonsense and be happy. Israel must separate state from religion and become a modern country.
7. Very Good. Israel today is NOT jewish state anymore.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (01.29.17)
Israel was a jewish state 40 years ago, with at least 80% jewish population.
Today jewish population is below 70% and decreasing day by day.
Finally Israelis are beginning to understand that to be a "patriot" is a stupid thing. They discovered that the world is wide open for them to live a much more comfortable life, without stress.
8. good summary of bad situation- accelerated by Netanyahu govt
Rafi ,   US   (01.29.17)
9. Written by Linda Gradstein - Yup ex-NPR shill
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.29.17)
I'll never forget Linda Gradstein when she was working for NPR (the disconnected poor soul who wrote this dribble) telling her audience that the word 'Jihad' has nothing to do with violence but rather the meaning has everything to do with a Muslim's personal struggle.
Now she's with 'The Media Line', another George Saros and Brookings Institute funded new media outlet comprised of self-hating anti-Israel American Jewish 'journalist' has-beens.
10. American Jews
C   (01.29.17)
today american jews are more concerned about the issue of trans genders,
who make up less than one percent of the population, than about the
fate of the jewish state.
these people feel safe in the us, and therefore do not see israel as a
american jews have no torah knowledge, and little understanding
of jewish history.
they confuse socialism with jewish values.
they have appropriated the jewish religious concept of
tikkun olam to use as a substitute for social justice.
american jews care more about their comfortable lives
than about the survival of the sole jewish state of israel.
11. Reform and unaffiliated jews in US going down the toilet
David ,   New york   (01.31.17)
I know these people personally.
There is no future in these people (many of them are anti-Israel leftists)
Israel should concern itself with identified jews who love Israel instead
12. Below 70% IS a majority Duh!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.31.17)
A 'patriot' is love of country which, clearly, you lack.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.31.17)
"the son remembers what the father forgot.'
"If I forget thee" .. Never again Never forget
14. Macat Hosheh
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (02.01.17)
80% perish in this Maca for simmilar reason.
GPS of Kdusha, if you deviate from the course, ISSURIM will bring back to the track.
Example: Germany: Jews then declare as Berlin as Jewish capital and not Jerusalem, GPS KEEP ON RIGHT TRACK AFTERALL .
15. Leave us alone
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (02.02.17)
Leave us Americans alone. Don't ask to use our priceless VETO. Go to China or Russia, Britain or France they will support you just like they do now. I never seen such an ungrateful nation. Just like BIBI the racist backstabber.
16. The next generation of Americans will bless Israel
ELIZABETH ,   Fairfax, Virginia   (02.03.17)
I am an American Christian. I love Israel. I don't know many American's personally who do not. I love the language, the people, the holy land, the history, the modern culture, the Tanakh. I believe I understand the problem and I take it seriously. Israel, unfortunately is slandered and libeled throughout the world by the establishment press, academics, politicians and the Muslim world. The truth doesn't matter to most of these people. But to those who do not have an anti-Israeli bias, the truth will be persuasive. My thoughts:
1. Israel needs more men like Bibi N. telling the story. He knows how to speak our language; not just English, but his thinking is unapologetic, logical, sincere, informed and compelling. Obviously, people who hate Jews will surely hate him. Read his book, A Durable Peace.
2. Language is key. Learning the language to semi-fluency, brings the learner intimately close with the people and culture. But there is, in my opinion, a poor offering of materials for the English speaker learning Hebrew. The alefbet is a problem--huge one at the beginning--materials, courses using transliteration first until verbal proficiency is achieved is sparse at best. Israelis are innovators--innovate here.
3. You you redouble your efforts to bring American Jews (even Christian) teens for summer projects to Israel. I know Christians (Evangelicals) would send their children. Instead of one trip in the 18+ time age range, bring 12-16 year olds to Israel. They will love the land and the culture! Teach them the language. Their hearts will be won. A second trip will cement the relationship.
4. Create a curriculum on Israelite/Israeli history--including the Arab / Israeli conflict. No one can read that history, if done truthfully, and reject the facts that: 1. Israel has a right to exist 2. Israel has a right to the historic homeland 3. Israel is the lone bastion of freedom in the Middle East 4. Israel deserves our love and support. Every American student should be offered this course. Christian homeschoolers will embrace it. Abraham Lincoln said the worldview of a culture can be turned around in less than a generation. It is the worldview of the teacher that will become the beliefs of the next generation. There is time but it takes effort.

The secularism and liberalism of American Jewry is a huge problem, yes. But America is changing. Israel has millions of devoted allies here, and the supporters I am speaking of, know that God's plans for Israel are eternal. We are commanded and do pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the protection and flourishing of His people.

שבת שלום

P.S. Outreach to Evangelicals, politicians, teachers, and opinion-makers is a must. Brings dollars and builds lasting friendships. I brought over 400 people to Israel in Nov. 2016 and every year from 60-400. Their lives have changed and they will never think of Israel the same.

17. the JAFI works for nothing
south america   (02.05.17)
it's propaganda only. They are just bureaucrats not willing to help anyone. Believe me, better moving alone than asking them for help. Only thing they do is to address you to a rubbish mercaz klitah,
18. Most of Israelis treat olim like crap
Shmuel Ben Avraham ,   Brasil   (02.05.17)
so what do you want? I wrote a book telling about my alyah , not yet translated into English. I suppose a lot of people will agree with everything I wrote there: the same situations happens to everybody very often... BTW, title of my book is "Memórias de um ex-oleh chadash" - I'm looking for a translator. Shalom.
19. Not Americans only... Birthright and Nefesh work only to
the so called "Anglos": This is discrimination against South American Jews.

Jewish attachment to Israel is declining everywhere in the world - nothing to do with Reform or Orthodox.

You are responsible for this (ideology) situation.
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