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SpaceIL achievement: Israel is getting close to the moon
Alexandra Lukash and Yaron Druckman
Published: 27.01.17, 11:24
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1. Left Wing Anarchist Jews will force us all to live on Moon
DieZeitPublisher ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.27.17)
The latest renegade left wing Jew to cause havoc for the Jewish people
is the publisher of the German Paper Die Zeit in Berlin
Josef Joffee a Jew born in Lodz Poland (1944 ) just threatened the life of
the President of the United States Trump. Throughout history the
Leftist Assimilationist Jew have caused untold suffering for our
people just as is happening today in the "Liberal" Leftist Politicians
and Hollywood. We are turning more and more peoples against
us God save us from our own !!!!!
2. Mario Camerini
Philip Gold ,   Portland   (01.27.17)
You are wrong , the moon used to be Palestinian not anymore, because fortunately the world came back to reason and gave it to its rightful owners.
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