Report: Billionaire Arnon Milchan details gift-giving system to Netanyahu
Eli Senyor, Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.01.17, 11:20
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1. Attacks on Bibi are judged by Elohim who loves Bibi. Watch
Rivkah   (01.29.17)
out. Hillary Clinton is a classic example of what happens to those who attack Bibi. Her husband Bill sent infiltrators into Israel to change the outcome of an election in the 1990s to out Bibi and get a Barak into office (Ehud Barak). Soooo, Elohim had a Barack oust Hillary out of the democrat nomination in 2008. Elohim is not mocked. Attack one of His and WATCH OUT!
2. no trust among Jews
Alex ,   florida usa   (01.29.17)
When you put enough pressure on a fellow Jew to protect his own skin he will always rat out his fellow brother. It was during ww2 with the kapos and police questioning in Israel on organized crime they always give out each other to save their own skin. This so called ex-Israeli "pretty woman" will fall under questioning. Beware of your friends. Bibi. If you need a smoke I will send you cheap Cubans from Miami Stop being an American. be an Israeli.
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