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Bank of Israel releases two new notes
Michal Margalit
Published: 01.02.17, 16:12
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1. No Elbaz or Toledano?
Elbaz ,   T-A   (02.02.17)
Only Goldberg and Bluwstein? Inclusive means one of these and one of those.
Just asking......
2. The Bank of Israel has a nasty fondness and predilection...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (02.02.17)
...of placing effete persons whose faces seem to suffer from a chronic state of depression and sadness on the bank notes. The Israeli banknotes do not evoke any feeling of patriotism, pride, integrity, Jewish identity, optimism, or historical continuity.

Why not be inspired by the proud green American dollar bills, where it says "In God We Trust"? What about placing the founders of the nation of Israel on the bills, and also keep the founders of Israel on the bills? What about inspiring quotes on the bank notes?
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