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'Jews belong in the ovens' written on NYC subway
Liron Naglar-Cohen
Published: 05.02.17, 17:04
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1. Pro Trump
Mary Brinn ,   Moyock   (02.05.17)
The left wing Americans are the one's against Israel. All Trump supporters I know are pro-Israel.
2. 10 million Muslims expelled in Syria. US do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (02.05.17)
3. What a load of crap NY Chicago DC full of "Liberal Haters"
StopBlamingTrump ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.05.17)
Get real most of the anti Semitic attacks take place in "Liberal" NYC
and Chicago LA and DC with large populations of African American
and Hispanic who rank at the top of Anti Semitic Richter scale so
trying to blame White Americans and Trump for this in those areas is beyond madness. Either the people quoted are in denial of this or the writer
deliberately put those words in their mouths everyone knows the chances
of it being a White American Christian on a subway in NYC is a thousand
to one !! Talk about FAKE NEWS
4. This is the result of obama's immigration policy
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (02.06.17)
his favored Muslims act like kiddies with crayons.
I wouldn't be surprised if some of them ended up with a bullet to their wee brains.
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