PM Theresa May tells Netanyahu Britain supports two states
Yaniv Halily
Published: 06.02.17, 17:22
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1. Does May realise that Hamas will take over Judea/Samaria
Alan ,   SA   (02.06.17)
as soon as there is an election or when Abbas goes to the virgins.(thats why no election by Abbas as long as he lives.)
That is the first stage . Therafter like in Gaza Strip ,the Bet Mikdash gangs and the ISIS organisation will replace Hamas or act as a biiiiiiig nuisance.There will be tunnels all over the coastal plain and even under B G Airport.Plenty rockets all over the place by these splinter groups!

Its amazing how naive these EU types pretend to be.
Two states living side by side is biggest nonsense plan LOL LOL
2. Theresa may change her mind once Sarah serves ice cream.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.06.17)
3. does usa update netanyahu on their border wall
james   (02.06.17)
bibi says he updated america on the regulation bill vote which he is nof for in my opinion. does america update bibi on their plan for a border wall?? of course not. bibi constantly seeks big brother approval for this and that because he alone lacks confidence to make any move.

bibi reduces israel to a vassal state. its one thing to complement teresa may on friendly relations. it another to shower excessive praise which is unseemly.with this kind of bull which is covering up inadequacies, i would have fire bibi when he was a furniture salesman. on wants confident, knowledgeeable and self assured representatives who know how to give and take and hold their own. bibi can not hold his own and never could. he is just a press spokesman at the level of lapid or haber or oren-nothing more.

As for herzog, he condemns any israeli move on the west bank, he just won't hear of it. even though his brother is a brig general, he cannot absorb defensible borders, runs at the first sign of terror-he and ramon togehter and fails, just fails to understand that israle must own the ridges the jordan valley to protect the coastline. he simply refuses to absorb it. and his gullibility in believeing that abbas reallly wants peace is breathtaking.

now you now why bibi wanted herzog in his govt instead of bennett. he wanted a mirror image of himself.
4. i cannot vote for lapid
jerzy   (02.06.17)
the media and some polling are annointing lapid as potential next p. I would catution israelis on 4 serious deficiencies of lapid and his yesh atid party.

1) lapid's conduct in the gaza war was even worse than bibi's. he sided with the generals who were wrong about tunnels and raced to a ceasefire before the tunnels were hit. no he has the galll to attack bibi when he more than supported the general. his instincts in securit are non existent and he has no notion of defensble borders.

2) his yesh atid party is more like meretz. one of his security people is ex shin bet peri i s a waling failure. he said in reference to the gaza war.. i vote for a ceasefire but what about the tunnels. This is a shmo. likewise he continually misreads abbas' intentions.

3) Finally, he is against regulation bill, against settlements, against claiming israeli rights. his affection for the saudi peace initative as if the saudis could guarantee anything shows how disconnected he is

4) Lapid learned his politics and world view from olmert, a dinner guest at his father's home. every bad move by olmert was absorbed by the young lapid who would be a disaster as pm

If israelis vote for lapid, then you have bad things coming to you.

bennett, feiglin, saar, lieberman barkat and a few ohers are potential candidates. lapid is a joke propagated bythe media whgich iis an oslo media. oslo does not work and never will unless irael controls the west bank openly..

Yo, cause it would make my day ,to meet Mrs May , so make day while da sun shines bright , cause she is alright ,although her skirt is too tight ,cause might makes right, she might or may , if yo cards right you do play , and not too many men get to visit number 10 ,
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